China Town

14 04 2007

The sweet and sickly smell of rotting produce and crispy aromatic duck filled the air as I got out of my car in China Town today.   I parked my car on the street.

I was looking for some new textiles for a couple crafts I have planned.

There is a real hustle and bustle of activity in the streets of China town.  The chatter and conversations of the locals, the quick moving wind and the gentle cooing of the piegons competiting with the sounds of the city and constant construction.
I walked up and down the uneven and broken paving stones trying to avoid the strewn garbage, paper and unidentified “wet spots”.  Checking out the messy and dusty little store fronts.  Restaurants with closed signs, and broken windows mended with cardboard and duct tape.

It disapoints me to see such a vibrant and lively area of the city so run down.

There is such a rich history to Montreal’s china town.

I never found the textiles I was looking for, but I did find a beautiful tablecloth and some Naruto figures for Colin.   (pictures to follow)




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