Latin Inspired Karaoke Night on American Idol, with added J-Lo

10 04 2007

I’m home tonight, and thought I would actually watch American Idol. You can’t dislike or dis something you’ve never tried, so I figured since I plan on continuing to dislike American Idol – I should watch it.

Tonight was Latin theme, with special guest star Jennifer Lopez. Our votefortheworst poster boy, Sanjaya, did a Spanish ballad.

I didn’t hate him tonigh. As Randy said – he might very well be the smartest contestant on American Idol, and Simon said it wasn’t”bad”. Although I would have prefered if Sanjaya had done the song that the website suggested he do (Ricky Martin’s “Shake your Bon-Bon”)

I still don’t like him, but if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em (Or in my case vote for them or not vote for them).

The Divas, “Penis Head” (as Skywindows calls him) and that one guy all sounded very karaoke – I did however enjoy the beatbox guy, Blake doing a Marc Anthony song.

I have to give J-Lo some credit, she really did offer the contestants some very good constructive feedback.




4 responses

12 04 2007

Can’t you see it though? He is a penis head…

12 04 2007

Hey, I just re-read what I wrote. .. I forgot to mention the chick that got the boot.

what the heck was her name again?


I seriously can’t remember

12 04 2007

Hayle Scarnato with the sexy legs…

12 04 2007

ahhhhh, right.

see, thats the way 15 minutes of fame should work, as soon as their gone they’re forgotten. . . .

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