Who is to Blame for Sanjaya Malakar?

5 04 2007

I don’t watch American Idol regularly, but the day after a show I find it hard to change channels (on TV or on the Radio) without hearing something about American Idol.

I really have a good sense of what is happening without actually tuning in.

Last night as most of you Idol fanatics know GINA GLOCKSEN was the next Idol hopeful to have their dreams crushed.  How fitting she had to sing “smile” as she left.  “smile though your heart is aching, smile though your heart is breaking” – you just can’t make this stuff up.

With yet another more talented artist off the show, and Sanjaya still in the running (in the top 6 no less!), you have to wonder WHO IS TO BLAME FOR SANJAYA MALAKAR.  Certainly people like Howard Stern and his “disciples” will gladly take that blame for KEEPING him in the show, but how did he get there in the first place?

How much does Paula, Randy and Simon’s opinions really count?  For if there opinions really (REALLY) count-then aren’t they to blame for bring him to Hollywood week?

www.votefortheworst.com believes the executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, made sure that Sanjaya stayed in the competition, purely for this media circus it created.  Did American Idol really need this boost in viewership and airtime? 


Obviously with the likes of Howard Stern, and www.votefortheworst.com Sanjaya is getting mass amounts of votes.

Watching the news this morning, their “experts” believe that all Indian-Americans watching the show are voting for him.  Citing its another way that Indian’s can give the finger to Americans.  I had no idea American Idol was a race thing!  Geeeeesh!

They also believe that Sanjaya has the 13 year old teeny-bopper vote locked in too.


One of the most appealing things for the American public on the onset of the show was the democratic voting system.  Everyone being allowed to vote, have their say, make a difference.

Even convicted felons in Florida (who still can’t vote in presidential elections) can vote for their next American Idol.  Can it be no wonder that there are more votes for American Idol every week than for a President.  Or is that just the people who vote multiple times like one of Howard Stern’s lackies who votes a suggested 540 times.

If Sanjaya makes it through past at least one of the “three divas” I think that will be the first nail in the coffin for American Idol.

Would people really buy a Sanjaya album?


– Premium Rate (900) phone numbers

– One one phone call per household (or phone number)

– New Format for the show?  (I explore this idea more here)




29 responses

5 04 2007

*I had no idea American Idol was a race thing! Geeeeesh!*

sadly, everything down here is about race. you’d think we invented the concept.

you’d THINK folk might realize that it ain’t necessarily a good thing, but i wouldn’t hold my breath.

5 04 2007

Hey dude, it is not American Diva we are looking for. We are looking for a pop idol.
Get that right.

5 04 2007

Dearest Pearl Island,

I ain’t no dude, so get that right. . . .

As for the divas. . .that isn’t me who penned that. Apolgies if you think I did.

In case you are unsure who that references – that includes Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones.

Thanks for stopping by all the same.

Hey Brahnamin, I know what you mean . . . but I was suprized it was mentioned. . . .not that it exisits. don’t we normally like to sweep the dirty little secrets under the carpet as it were.


5 04 2007

I hate Sanjaya and think he can’s sing his way out of a paper bag….but it’s fun to watch the train wreck!!

5 04 2007

Patricia, I agree to a point.

If its like this again, would you watch.

I personally never understood the draw of American Idol, and haven’t been a weekly viewer, but this whole “SanjayaGate” has turned me off the show EVEN more.

I might just end up watching “Survivor” – now that would be a tragedy!!

5 04 2007

This is an unprecedented travesty and could actually be the demise of the show. A number of things need to happen in the future to avoid this from happening again.2 are mentioned above..charges per call and one call per household (or per number). The producers and judges have to have more say in who moves on. This is a singing competition, one that has drastically changed the lives of many youngsters that would, ordinarily, never have the chance this show affords them. To vote off superior singers to this below average singer that stays week after week is absurd. I have nothing personally against him, he seems like a nice young man. He just can’t sing very well and this IS , after all, a HUGE “singing” competition.

5 04 2007

Rich, thank you for your comment! I very much agree with you!

The only part I’m unclear on is the part about producers and judges having more say, aren’t they the ones who ‘handpicked’ Sanjaya for the competition in the first place.

Perhaps they need to have a better set of rules and guidelines for who moves forward.

Perhaps had TALENT been one of the prerequests, Sanjaya might not have move onto Hollywood week and beyond.

5 04 2007
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5 04 2007

For as long as Blake is going to win, I’m ok with the results every week.

5 04 2007

Would you still watch if Blake gets the boot and Sanjaya is still in the race?

Blake wasn’t the Top Three this week. . . .he could be in the bottom next week!

5 04 2007

I think this whole thing shows just what nonsense reality tv has come to. The reality is, if this is the best television has to offer, it’s time to turn it off and find something better to occupy our time with. The ONLY good thing to come out of this whole fiasco, is that my husband no longer forces me to watch it. They should have stopped after the first show, Kelly Clarkson is the ONLY one who has taken her talent to the top and I think she would have made it even without IDOL. As for the judges, Simon is the only one who takes his job seriously and tells it like it is. Randy likes to stay neutral and fly under the radar, and Paula is the high school cheerleader who just wants everyone to love her. Quite frankly, I don’t care who wins, because any record producer or recording company with half a brain is going to scoop up the ones who can sing and sign them up.

5 04 2007

Thats an interesting point Briggie, and I guess that handsome shaved head guy from last year (I think his name is Chris Daughtry) is a perfect example of that.

Of course then the same can be said for “Ace” from last year too, a good looking face – and he was offered a spread in PlayGirl. . . .

I follow along Idol mostly on http://www.skywindows.wordpress.com

I really don’t bother watching the show either.

5 04 2007

re: Who is to blame for Sanjaya Malakar?

lucy the dog is. and we will not be denied.


5 04 2007

even though that was such a selfish plug for your blog, and not really an answer to my question at all, I’m going to leave it.

it amused me.

5 04 2007

we thank you. and have not quite figured out blog plugging etiquette. it is being addressed.

5 04 2007


6 04 2007
Rahul G

Citing its another way that Indian’s can give the finger to Americans.

Hey man, it is not INDIA vs America. he has lots of young fans(some like his hairs, some for symapathy). As a indian also, we do not vote 4 him. Please go on check stats, Indians have yet not started voting for him in mass. So, pls let him be a singer and just do not comapare India to it( and also, he is not a Indian…but Indian-american)

6 04 2007

Its not me that holds that opinion, this is what they are using as “facts” on news/television debates. If you re-read what I wrote, you will see that I was surprised that it was even brought up as a point.

Thank you for stopping by. . .

6 04 2007

I think that he is going to bring done the amount of viewers fir next season. We need to give these divas a chance to show who they really are, without having to worry if they are the next to go while some lousy deaf tone kid stays. I feel for the rest of the contestants this must be real frustrating for them. I know everytime he makes it to another week I scream at my television. WHAT ARE THE VOTERS THINKING????

6 04 2007

Melissa, I agree. . . I don’t think the viewership will be near wht it is this season.

I have no idea what the voters are thinking either. . . .


Thank you for stopping by my blog. . .

10 04 2007

“one phone call per household” that’d suck for the families with people who like different contestants.

10 04 2007

Steve, I agree with you, but is it fair that some households are voting 10-20-200 times for the same person from the same phone?

surely if it was “one vote per phone number” everyone could use their cell phones and place their own personal vote.

10 04 2007
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12 04 2007
Jim Miller

Sanjaya Malakar deserves to be booted off American Idol in order for American Idol to have ANY credability left (After all it is a singing (talent) contest-and he has neither)

PS I have stopped watching

13 04 2007

I watched one token episode, I’m back to just trash talking American Idol

13 04 2007

I watched the 1st season of Idol then “kind of” watched the others when I had time. And this year again I started to watch it more then became a “Gina” fan. The week she got voted off I was just about sick. And my 8yo daughter who enjoyed Gina as well was very upset and even started crying and asking why Sanjaya did get voted off because she thought he sounded awful and looked funny. Since that week I havnt watch. I have caught a glimpse of it every now and then but I dont have the desire to watch. Its really ruined the show for myself and I hope Idol learns a lesson from this and changes its voting rules to one per number.

But in the back of my mind I believe they like how it is now because it makes them seem “bigger” then what they are saying they got “x number” of votes each week.. I dont know really I am just really upset at the extent that others will go in order to try to make a point or try to get the “worst” person to win or as high on the scale they can go with the sacrifice of some great talent.

19 04 2007

It’s just a TV show, albeit one with more real humour than most.

It’s like every other show on network television in that it’s there for only one reason: to provide a vehicle for advertisers and their commercials.

The audience is only seen as potential consumers of product by the sponsors.

Sponsors = network revenues.

Nothing more.

When the money from sponsors goes, kiss AI goodbye.

19 04 2007

See I agree with you, but I don’t think that is the case.

This year’s american idol is seeing a decline in unique viewers, while the number of multiple calls is rising. . . . . .

Less viewers=less sponsors.

I think Simon and Nigel are smart cookies, they wouldn’t allow sponsors like coke to support the show without a multiple year contract. . . .

20 04 2007


One of the reasons why Sanjaya got booted was bcuz of Z100. Which is my state’s number one hit music station. Actually it’s Portland’s. Anyway, the radio station was making a lan or scheme to get him voted off!

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