Masquerade American Idol

5 04 2007

I asked the question here, about what could SAVE American Idol from a Sanjaya repeat next year.

One of the comments was a reminder that American Idol is supposed to be a SINGING COMPETITON, and I believe this is something that has been lost in the wayside.

It already seems unfair to other artists when these “American Idols” get the jump the queue directly to stardom, when so many people have to put in years of hard work and blood, sweat and tears to have their art seen and heard.

What if we only ever got to hear them sing?  Then when the Idol is chosen there is a huge unveiling – you then get to SEE who you choose.

Wouldn’t that then be choosing an Idol in the true sense and spirit from what it was intended to be?  Not a popularity contest, not a beauty pagent.   Of course I can hear the skeptics, what about the eyecandy???  Perhaps this can be used to in conjunction with other popular realilty-esque shows, like “So You Think You Can Dance” – the dancers dance, the singers sing.  . . . .  .(SYTYCD is another Nigel Lythgoe special, in fact he is one of the judges)

If that doesn’t seem feisable, what about demanding that the contestants are more than one trick ponies.  Truely shouldn’t they be a “Triple Threat” (Ie.  They can SING, DANCE and ACT).

I’m actually very intersted in seeing how American Idol evolves from the debauchery that is American Idol 2007.

The speculations is far more enjoyable, amusing and fulfilling that actually watching the show. .  . .

Anyone else with a conspiracy theory?




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5 04 2007
Who is to Blame for Sanjaya Malakar? « joey moggie

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5 04 2007

I really like your idea Joey, now sell it to Mark Burnett (the guy who runs American Reality TV) and you can make millions. When I watch AI I am so busy blogging about it that I only get a brief glance at what the contestants are wearing. The rest of the time as I type, I am listening to their voice and forming my opinion on that.
It makes it better to not see them, and sometimes the judges say they are great when I thought they were awful, and the judges come back the next night after watching the tape and realize that singer was indeed awful.

5 04 2007

Skywindows, have you or do you actually vote?

Perhaps part of my frustration is that I can have an opinion but I can’t do anything about it. I can’t vote.

You’re blog is really the one of only ones I read (and trust) when reading about American Idol.

Its interesting that you don’t ‘watch’ the show. . . .

Makes your opinion (at least in my opinion) even more truthful and trustworthy. . . .

I doubt any show that didn’t have 30 minutes of practically non-stop eye candy would even interest mark burnett and co. . . .

Perhaps if they have to eat bugs between songs and sets he might be keen on that. . . .

5 04 2007

I let the kids decide on who to vote for, unless of course they picked Sanjaya. Luckily for me, they think he is an idiot (even though they are in middle school). We have been voting mostly for Melinda Doolittle, but one week my son convinced me to vote for Antonella Barba.

LOL at eating bugs…
I love your new pic!

5 04 2007

Oh, and for all my husband’s teasing about canadians, I have an Aunt, Uncle, and cousins and their kids who all live in Edmonton Alberta.

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