Colin’s Awesome Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

2 04 2007

****Update May 11 2007**** As linked on Wikipedia for Grilled Cheese!  Congrats Colin!  hahaha


We made grilled cheese tonight for dinner. As mentioned in a previous post, my husband makes the best grilled cheese. Its real comfort food, and when you have a rough day they really hit the spot.

Since I made my previous post I’ve received 5 emails from various people who stummbled onto my blog asking what Colin’s secret is to the perfect grilled cheese, today was the first opportunity to interview Colin. . .so as the master cooked his masterpieces, I took down the proccess – almost verbatim

Very Soft Thick White Bread (For those in Quebec, Think POM ‘Ultra Soft’)

Cheese, two types (The better the cheese the better the sandwich, processed cheese is not real cheese – not matter what they tell you in the commericals) Colin likes to use Havariti and Extra Mature cheddar.

Margarine or Butter (the good stuff, not the low fat crap)


  1. Butter the bread (remember you are buttering the outside of the bread, the part that will be on the pan). Butter all the way to the edge of the bread.
  2. Preheat the pan to slightly under medium heat. (1/3 heat)
  3. Put your cheese on the bread, and create the sandwich. Some people like to grate cheese, Colin doesn’t believe this is nessasary – but to each their own)
  4. Don’t overfill your sandwich, usually two layers of cheese will do you. Otherwise its too much of a gooey mess. Colin likes to add extra ingredients, like bacon or sliced home made dill pickle – he says it adds colour and texture. Don’t bother with bicks – must be home made or gourmet.

  5. You are just toasting the bread, so the cooking does not take long. If the bread sizzles when you put it on the pan, the pan is too hot. You are usually cooking for couple minutes on each side (depends on your stove). Colin likes to check his sandwiches often to ensure they don’t burn.

6. After you flip them (they should be golden brown) you press the sandwich down lightly. (La Belle Provience does this-again anyone from Quebec will appreciate this)

7. Then cut on the diagonal, serve immediatly with a dollop of ketchup and some soup, salad or chips.

In Summary,

the secret to the perfect grilled cheese sandwich is quality ingredients and control the heat.




8 responses

2 04 2007
My Husband Makes the Best Grilled Cheese. « joey moggie

[…] April 2md 2007, I’ve put up Colin’s receipe for Grilled Cheese sandwiches. . .  . […]

2 04 2007

What is the ketchup for? I was all good and my mouth was watering till the Ketchup part.

2 04 2007

I agree. . . .I never use the ketchup myself. . . .but the chef insists on garnishing it that way. . . .


2 04 2007

if you ever get the chance, make the sandwiches with Fontina cheese (any soft variety is fine, not the hard grating stuff).

best grilled cheese you’ll ever eat (promiseth the cheese monger)

but make ketchup-boy’s with kraft american, because ewwww

3 04 2007

hahahahahahha. . . .I’ll try that.


11 05 2007

Wooooo hoooo. Colin’s receipe has been linked on Wikipedia under references for Grilled Cheese.

“Ketcup Variation”

12 05 2007


Ketchup Variation… lol

12 05 2007

I thought you might get a kick out of that.

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