Recommended Link : Threadbared

30 03 2007

As most of you now, I’ve been recently trying my hand at sewing.  In one of my efforts to find a couple of easy free patterns to test out my sewing abilities, I came across this site: Threadbared

This site is filled with vintage pattern pictures with very funny captions.  You don’t have to be a sewer to enjoy this one, in fact the ladies who do this site aren’t sewers at all.

In their own words : was born out of a love of all things vintage (Mary) and all things snarky (Kimberly) (and, um…okay, Mary too). We combined our fondness for vintage sewing patterns with our need to be bitchy and mean and cruel. But since we are nice girls, too nice for that kind of behavior towards real people we can now take our frustrations out on guys like him:


And her:


And these kids too:


They are deserving of our mockery, yes?




One response

6 11 2007

guys, what is that blog about. i really don’t understand what is vpn. btw sorry for off-topic.

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