Blog Tease!

30 03 2007

I recently received two blog awards.   The Thinking Blogger Award, and the Professional Blog Tease.

I made an entry about the Thinking Blogger Award, as I wanted to enjoy that “win” .  So now I’d like to make my formal “thank you speech”  for the Professional Blog Tease award and enjoy that win too. 🙂
The entry that won me that award was probably one of the most shocking.  Not for what I wrote, but for the reaction I received.  I suppose deep down I knew I’d ruffle feathers, but it did feel good to be honest.

Thank you Skywindows for giving me the first Professional Blog Tease Award.  As I said on your blog, I’m surprised, embarassed, ashamed and very very proud all at the same time.




One response

1 04 2007

You definitely deserve it. I love your hungry bum post, another great blog tease to wear proudly…

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