Thinking about Inking. . . .again

29 03 2007

I have been thinking about tattoos again recently, and I came across this tattoo that I love.

Look at the colours, the details. . .  .ohhhh.  Isn’t it fab?

I wish I had the guts to do it. . . . .




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29 03 2007

nice . . .

29 03 2007

isn’t it???

Gawwwwd, I just adore this tattoo.

Not everyone’s skin takes colour like this chick. . . I’ve just never seen such beautiful and vibrant colouring!

The shading is amazing too.

29 03 2007

actually inks have come a long way in the last 15 years…i say go for it

29 03 2007

thats BIG for a first tattoo. . . don’t you think???

29 03 2007

I like back tattoo’s, but that one is just way too big…

I would say start small and see how it feels before you commit to something so so big.

29 03 2007

I love anything asian, I was seriously thinking about a Koi tattoo. . . .I love all the symbolism to Kois. . . .

This one is so beautiful. . . its the colours. . .isn’t that blue just stunning!

2 04 2007
Christine Hann

No, just no. Enjoy your nose ring.

3 04 2007

hahahahah, Christine you crack me up!

13 09 2007

i think that this tattoo on her was just so hott it mad me jelous now im thinking about getting something like it.!!!!!!

13 09 2007

Wow You can just tell she is soo hott just by looking at the tattoo you can tell what kind of girl she is…if u kno what i mean

13 09 2007

Boulrat. . . thanks for stopping by. . . .

Glad you like it. . .

3 10 2007

james kern did this tattoo. hes out of oregon now, no hope no fear.

3 10 2007

Haha. That’s me! wtf? It’s cool. Thanks for the props everyone (everyone except Boulrat, if u kno what i mean ;).

(you should really link back to my Flickr page and/or blog instead of hotlinking, but s’ok)

23 10 2007

amazing tattoo, just came across it randomly. How to have a map of Great Britain on your back without looking stupid!

27 11 2007

that looks nice iv got little tattoos but want another a big one on my shoulder.

15 12 2007

#$%@ yeah, its way cool. I also came across this by luck but am glad I did.

31 01 2008

i LOVE it but im too much of a wuss

9 02 2008


19 02 2008

Its awesome! I reckon size doesnt matter the first time. Go for Gold. I stupidly got a smaller one on my lower back and now anything bigger will not look as great. Lots of little ones can take away from the effect of one big one.

24 02 2008

this tattoo is wik’d, I just started my first tattoo in january, and its huge, 18 inches long, starts from my shoulder down to the bottom of my hip, seriously, go big or go home. You’ll love it in the end, then when you get little ones, it would be like butter.

26 02 2008



10 03 2008

Beautiful! I say go for something that big — it’s fun. 😉

Also that girl has a strange waist.

10 04 2008

Some art thief, named Tyler Townes, tried to claim this tattoo as his own, he’s out of OKC, Reality Tattoo.
all hail James Kern

11 04 2008

Theres One Thing Wrong Though…The Artwork Is Great, Beautiful Colours And How The Empty Lilly’s Came Out. But Like I Said Theres One Thing Wrong, The Water Is Waves, Like The Ocean. Water Lilly’s Are Fresh Water Plants, Not Salt Water, But Beautiful Picture Regardless

6 05 2008

i love this tattoo, i looooooooooove the colors

8 05 2008

Muy bello, hermoso

15 05 2008

this is not just a tattoo, it is a piece of art. everything about it is amazing. much props 2 the artist (and the woman who went through the pain 2 have this piece laid on her)

19 05 2008

Tomorrow morning I sit to have my left arm done. The full art will take about 20 hours, the artist tells me, and I can’t wait.

The best tattoo advice I ever got was, laughably, from a print interview with Axl Rose. When asked about tattoos, he said the following (paraphrased): “If you think you want a tattoo, write down the idea and seal it in an envelope for a year. If after a year you read it and still want that art, go and get it.”

You’ll also have fun finding the artist whose work best suits your idea… the search took me to San Francisco and Las Vegas, where I finally found someone with the right combination of talent, sensibility, humor and price. Not that price was a major issue, but you may be surprised at how wildly pricing fluctuates. My major factor was finding someone who I felt “got” it, and whose artistic style would translate. After all, I’ll be wearing that art for the rest of my life!

Good luck with your search, and my best wishes to your sister-in-law.

22 05 2008

This is an extremely nice piece (nice to see more of the colors).. and it is nice to see more women moving away from the low back tribal pieces..I have a full back Japanese piece (just shy of 30 hours)…….

…….Eric had some of the best advice.. your relationship with your artist makes a huge difference……… I live in Scotland now but my husband and I used to drive 1300 miles each way to get our work done…………

30 05 2008
Tyler Townes

just wanted to clerify the comment that max left about me trying to claim this as mine is far from true , he is pissed off because he got fired for being a scratcher . so please let it be known that noe of his statement is truth , and id be willing to bet that nothing that comes out of his mouth is true

16 06 2008

So, I’m willing to bet that the girl who is pictured would not be happy if you got the same tattoo as her. It probably holds a meaning to her and may have been designed specifically for her. If you’re going to get a tattoo, I recommend having it designed for you or designing it yourself. It’ll mean less if you start seeing everyone with it. I have a full chest piece that I designed myself and wings on my back that my best friend designed before she passed away. So, think about the girl with the tattoo before you steal it.

20 06 2008
Hussam Almrahij

yo thats a major turn on 4 me that tat is so sexy girl

28 06 2008

my sister has a tattoo just like that across her back!
but that’s not her

5 07 2008
Tracey Smith

I really love this tattoo and im planning on basically getting the same thing but changing the flowers to hibiscus blossoms.

9 07 2008

hermoso tattoo

11 07 2008

I like the colors. I wonder if there is anything similar to that tattoo that would look good on a guy. Like a sleeve.

21 08 2008

It reminds me of the one Margaret Cho has, but hers actually comes around the front… but the coloring is simliar. I love the vibrancy! And, the artist fit it so well with the shape of her body.

18 09 2008

Tattoos look much better when they’re like this instead of little ones here and there.

I love Margaret Cho’s

3 11 2008

While it is beautiful with amazing colors, many people do not realize that without outlines, eventually the tattoo will blend.

If you want an everlasting tattoo, go for big thick bold outlines.

My entire back is a koi with some maple leaves & waves. At first I thought it would take away my feminity, but my artist of 10 years advised me to go big & bold for a longer lasting more sharper tattoo.

The posted pic is beautiful, that can never be taken away, hopefully it will look the same within 20 years.

11 12 2008

Guys, I hate to burst your bubble!!!

That aint a tattoo…This happens to be a pic of one of my friends and that is painted on body art…

Nice of you guys to rave about it though…I will indeed let her know!


29 12 2008

wow.. just think how good it look’s when you are from the back…
amazing tatoo, perfect body.

24 02 2009
Flüge Thailand

The tattoo is really awesome. I like the colours and I think it is more than a tattoo; it is a work of art. I would like to have one like this but I am too frightened. Do you know who made it or where it was? It is really great.

5 08 2009
Internet Police

It is a shame you are putting google ads on this page and claiming money for someone elses tattoo and you haven’t bothered to credit the girl on flickr who you stole the photo from. Sadly I don’t expect this message to appear or stay on your blog page but I’ve made my point. (Yes I do know her)

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