Motorbikes and Sandles

29 03 2007

Its Spring. 

I broke out my sandles today (finally my feet are free of their stocking prisions).  I really could use a nice lick of nail polish on the tootsies though.   (NO Christine, I REFUSE to go for a pedicure, we’ve discussed that a million times already hahahah)

The couple of guys who ride motorcycles to work all rode their bikes in today, a true first sign a Spring and the warmer weather to come.





4 responses

29 03 2007

Oh, I love spring so much. Don’t you? It’s the very best season. 🙂

29 03 2007

I do enjoy spring. . . .

I tell you being in sandles makes me much happier. . . .

I love letting my feet breath. . .

Of course this now means fixing up my toe nails, and perhaps saving the fur off my legs. . . .

2 04 2007
Christine Hann

I’ve got us an appointment booked. I won’t tell you when it is though, trust me – NO CALLOUS SHAVING this time!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! If you can brave the nose ring, you can definitely brave the pedicure.

3 04 2007


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