Sitting in a Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

28 03 2007

I was talking to a guy at work, and he was telling a story about something his 6 year old daughter said. . .

He and his daughter have special time before she goes to bed, they sing & read stories and stuff.

One night she sang him a song for “mommy and daddy” she said. . . .

“mommy and daddy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G,

first comes sex, then comes the house . . . .”


Things have changed alot since I was 6.  I swear, boys still had cooties till I was. . . . well. . . .I still think they have cooties. 





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28 03 2007

I think sex has always come before marriage through history, but it’s only recently that society has been so accepting of sexual exploits. And where teenagers are waiting for sex until they’re older (say 17 instead of 15), they are having more oral sex (10% are having anal sex).

I always wondered about those people who had sex at before a driver license told their kids. Are they hypocritical or honest?

28 03 2007

Wow, that was littered with grammar mistakes…. sorry.

28 03 2007

Sure i agree that historically sex usually come before marriage. . . but in children’s songs?

Or how about how young she is? 6?

How do 6 year olds know about sex?

I not pointing fingers or anything, I ask as someone who doesn’t have kids.

28 03 2007

So true, I couldn’t imagine even knowing things like that when I was six!!!

29 03 2007

I’m trying to think back when I even knew what sex was more than “birds and bees”

7 04 2007
Are You SMARTER than a 5th Grader??? 5th-graders accused of sex in Louisiana school « joey moggie

[…] of my co-workers, she is six, and the little ’sex’ song she came up with – read about it here.  That amuzed and worried me.. . . . then  I stumbbled across the below posted article, about 5th […]

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