Praying to a False Idol ::: Why do you like American Idol & Stop Voting for Sanjaya, Jesus Says So!!

28 03 2007

I didn’t think after blogging about the “Novelle Star” Idol show that I would do it again. Hahaha. . . round two.

I was in England when Will Young won the very first Pop Idol competition, I had been rooting for him all along.  At that time I was still living in Canada and only visiting the UK a few times a year to see Colin.     I followed the show (which was a whole season then) by reading “Hello” and “Ok” magazines.  It was such a new and different concept for a reality show.  Week after week the rating numbers climbed and jumped.


(Download a song or two of Will Young’s – you won’t be disapointed!)

I remember then thinking to myself that reality TV as we knew it was changed.  This was after the inital successes of “Survivor” in North America, and not to long after a successful showing of “Big Brother” (at least successful in the UK).

A rash of similar shows to Pop Idol sprung up in the UK, including “Pop Stars” and “Fame Academy”.   It seems that success and fame (although it can quickly fade, Ruben) are guaranteed on the US verison of Pop Idol “American Idol” it isn’t the case for the UK counterparts.  Thankfully Will Young has been able to sustain a career, he has been a featured artist on the sound tracks to films (Bridget Jones:Edge of Reason “Your Love is King”) as well as being nominated for an award for a song he wrote for a 101 Dalmations film.

What ever happened to Gareth Gates (the runner up in the maiden show), or Darius Danesh or even Michelle McManus the winner of the second series of Pop Idol.  

One of the Pop Star bands “Girls Aloud” are still enjoying successes – but what happened to the boy band from the same show “One True Voice”.  Fellow show-mate Javine had some moderate successes herself after not making the band. Another personal favourite of mine from the Fame Academy show was Alex Parks, who recently released her sophmore album to rave reviews.

Now, even though impressive as it might seem I never actually watched any of the above shows (barring the first series of Pop Idol), the media in the UK is mad for any and all celebrity gossip (even if its C or D List!)  So my weekly indulgence in a rag mag would be suffiecent for me to be caught up on all things reality tv based. 

I think because I was in the UK when  American Idol started, and Kelly Clarkson won, I don’t have the same magnetic draw to the show as everyone else.  My only true connection to the show this year, is reading the weekly updates on Skywindow’s blog.  If  there wasn’t the watercooler discussion factor, I might not even go that far. . . .

I’m not sure I understand the draw for this show – and this is where I need someone to explain it to me.  The mass histeria – like the Beatles.  The voting in drones.  The instant celebrity status bestowed on these “reality tv personalities”.  The phenomenon that is American Idol is complex and hard to pin point the reasoning behind the sucess.

I remember reading that MORE PEOPLE vote for AMERICAN IDOL, than the AMERICAN PRESIDENT.  Granted, there aren’t the same restrictions on voting for your fave idol, than on your democratic right to vote – but still isn’t that scary?

How many of the previous contestants and winners can you name?  I can’t even picture in my head who won last year.  There has been so many shows its all a big blurry mess.

  Do you remember this face?  (I don’t)

I can relate to Faith Hill, who this year showed her true feelings to loosing to Carrie Underwood (an American Idol winner) at the Grammys.  Although no one can deny Carrie has talent, what ever happened to the blood sweat tears and pounding the pavement that other professional singers had to endure to get their time in the spot light.  Do the Idols pay their dues?

Recently I stumbled across a blog talking about the website where they encourage those who can vote, to vote for the worst of the bunch.  That explains how Kellie Pickler lasted so long last year I guess.

Howard Stern and Vote for the Worst both are backing floppy haired Sanjaya Malakar – who in my opinion is only slightly less anoying than running finger nails down a chalkboard.  Now, I’ve never actually watched more than the 2 minute Ryan Seacrest recap at the end of the show. . . .

I was making my weekly visit to Jesus’ Blog, Jesus is upset quite upset that Sanjaya is still on idol (and I can’t blame him either)

Here is part of his post, you can read the rest of Jesus’ entry here

. . . .Sanjaya is not supposed to still be on American Idol. You guys are keeping him on that show against My will. Again, this isn’t a problem… it’s just more complicated. Every week that Sanjaya stays on American Idol past when he was originally supposed to get kicked off, your whole world is a little bit out of wack and I have to play clean-up.

Long story short, cut it out. Quit voting for him. I get it. It’s funny. We’ll see who’s laughing when the end of the world shows up a little bit earlier than planned because of the events you are all currently setting in motion. Go on, laugh it up.

And furthermore, even though I don’t watch the show, you’d be hard pressed (especially on the internet) not to have heard of Boobie Barba, Miss Antonella Barba who (true or not) got her kit off.  I bet Howard Stern was backing her at the time.  (That could be read several ways couldn’t it)

 I will probably add and revisit this entry, but for the time being – the question simply is Why do you watch American Idol, and What do you like about it

****Update****  I’m adding some stuff about Canadian Idol

Official Website

  Hosts & Judges of Canadian Idol




15 responses

28 03 2007

Funny you mention voting for the president, because the (first) problem I have with American Idol is the same problem I have with American politics: most Americans vote for all the wrongs reasons.

On Idol, it’s what they look like or where they’re from, etc. etc. Rarely is it because of singing talent. That would explain how Covington, Pickler, and Yamin outlasted Mendisa last season, as just one example.

In American politics, I remember people voting for Clinton’s 2nd term because, “I like his hair” and “I wanna find out if he really did have all those affairs. If we don’t reelect him, the story will go away and we’ll never know.” Never do I hear, “Well, I like Bush’s stance on education and homeland security, but Hillary’s social policy is better and I like Obama’s take on reducing spending, etc.” Or “I’m tired of this stagnant economy, let’s elect someone who does x,y,z and reforms social security.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am hugely and intensely patriotic, but the American voting public is like monkeys at a typewriter: occassionally they make sense, but usually the result is just gobbledygook all over and feces on the walls.

28 03 2007

Newhoosier, but do you watch the show? Sounds like you do. . . . i have no real clue past ‘Pickler’ who the other names you mentioned are. . . .

I’m Canadian, so I guess part of the reason perhaps that I don’t understand the draw of the show is that I can’t partake in the voting.

And Canadian Idol is not the same thing as Pop Idol or American Idol. . . . .

28 03 2007

when are they going to do canadian idol? and will you be a contestant?

28 03 2007


They’ve done like 3 or 4 Canadian Idol shows. . . . I got booted off after ‘Hollywood week’ – they didn’t feel I was committed enough.

Canadian Idol is poor man’s verision of Pop/American Idol. No where near the glitz and glam of the real thing. . . . . .

28 03 2007

The bulk of the “network” tv I watch is on Fox, so occassionally I’ll catch some Idol. For example, last night I was watching Dateline: How To Catch An Identity Thief, but flipped channels during commercials. I also watch Prison Break and House, so if those get their times moved, sometimes I sit through Idol waiting.

I did watch all of last season, because my wife liked Taylor Hicks. Before last season, if we watched, it was only on occassion and mostly during the “auditions” stage where we get to wonder who keeps telling these people they’re talented. It’s cruel, but not everything on PBS and Discovery channel is interesting.

Why couldn’t you vote? It’s my understand they air American Idol in Canada?

FWIW, my wife owns Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Hicks, Carrie Underwood, and Chris Daughtry CDs, so and she’s not even an Idol nut…..

28 03 2007

We can watch the shows, but we can’t vote. . . .

. . . .we can only vote during Canadian Idol.

28 03 2007

I started watching the show because the kids were very much into the show. To be honest, I blog about it this year to keep myself interested enough to watch it with the kids… If I didn’t blog about it I would probably fall asleep, and then what kind of mom would I be?

29 03 2007

hahahah, I wouldn’t have guessed that. . . . .I totally thought you were hooked!

29 03 2007

Joey.. I think you got booted off after “Toronto Week”. Hmm. Just doesn’t have the same ring.

We Canadians saw Kalan Porter win due to the same reason Sanjaya is still on AI. Teresa Sokyrka does well on her own though, so being 2nd to Kalan probably was a blessing. Same for Jacob Hoggard (third same year as Porter), otherwise known (by teen girls everywhere) as that “hot” guy with the piercings from Hedley.

I like the idea of a competition that helps people who otherwise might never have the chance.. have a chance. After all, that was in a sense.. how Avril Lavigne got started too, and others. The basic idea is good. If they’re good, they’ll get somewhere even without winning as sometimes winning actually works against them. It’s all about the opportunity.

29 03 2007

I had to Google who Kalan Porter way. Oppps! I pleed that I was in England at the time, and we definatly didn’t get Canadian Idol on TV.

I agree that the format and idea are great, but in my opinion, the only true AMERICAN IDOL winner was Kelly Clarkson.

She won before people even THOUGHT about playing the system, before people voted 100 times in row for the same person. . . .

It was *almost* fair then. . . . .And from there she worked and climbed, broke out of the Idol mold and made it on her own.

Same with Will Young.

I hope you all went and downloaded a song by Will Young. . . . I really like “Your Game”.

He is fab. . . .

Sorry ladies, he already has a boyfriend. . . . poooo! 😉

29 03 2007

oh, and yes. . . .it *was* “Toronto Week” when I got booted off. . . .

I thought my rendition of “Love shack” was pretty rocking.


29 03 2007
Pop Idol Beatbox « joey moggie

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23 05 2007

Darius Danesh is juggling writing and recording his third album in LA where he lives with his actress girlfriend, Natasha Henstridge, with new challenges viz. starring roles in West End musicals.

He was the youngest actor ever to play Billy Flynn in Chicago. He did two runs and was nominated for a Theatregoers Choice Award.

Next week he will return to the UK stage as Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls.

23 05 2007

Hey Ria. . . .thanks for the Darius update.

My husband once took a flight from London to Madrid that Darius was on. . . .

Thought since you brought up a seriously old post, I’d include something random in my reply 🙂 hahahah

Thank you for stopping on by Ria 🙂

Hope you enjoyed american idol tonight.

23 05 2007

And I love Chicago. . . . I saw it on the west end with Denise van outen. . . .

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