Project Code Name: Sewing Guinea Pig Subject: Ray of Sun

27 03 2007
  • Project Code Name : Sewing Guinea Pig
  • Subject : Baby Quilt Blanket for Solenne.
  • Mission : Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make your first quilt – for even more of a danger factor, do so without a pattern. 


I mentioned in my entry about Solenne’s shower that I would post about the gift I made for her.Solenne’s mom is no shrinking violet and isn’t a “pastels” kind of girl, so in that spirit, I made a wild and loud baby quilt for them.

It was my first attempt, so I apologize little Solenne that you had to be the Guinea Pig, but all in all it was a ton of fun and as far as first attempts go I was pretty pleased.  I will probably inflict this new found talent on others.  Be warned!

 I’ve been reading up on quilting etc, so I think I know how I can make some improvements on my technique.  Lucky for me, another friend is having a baby, so I have my next victim  guinea pig   gift recipient already lined up.  Hahaha, poor “Ruby” Cheryl Jr.





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27 03 2007
Sunlight on an otherwise Rainy Day! « joey moggie

[…] She was a good sport all day.  Must have been a long one for her.   Solenne was well spoilt and got a ton of very beautiful gifts, including my gift (hahahahah) – I blogged about it here […]

27 03 2007
Jo-Ann and Solenne

Solenne LOVES the quilt and so does her Mommy! Thanks Joey – what an awesome first attempt at quilting!!!!

28 03 2007
Christine Hann

That looks beautiful!!! You’ll be ready for Ryan’s baby clothing quilt soon enough!!! Like you haven’t done enough for me with the wedding collage and Ryan’s upcoming one year collage/montage. Keep up the craftiness Martha!!!

28 03 2007

Thanks Jo-Ann (and Solenne) and Christine. . . . . . .
I’m glad everyone likes it.

It was seriously fun.

Christine, we’ll have to plan that quilt. . . . I have the buzz!


29 03 2007

It’s beautiful. I love the nice, bright colors.

29 03 2007

Thanks Icedmocha. . . . .

The colours were inspired by Jo-Ann, she has quite a vibrant personality!

I’ve just started my second baby quilt. . . we’ll see how it goes. . .


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