Périodes de Dégel & Potholes GALORE

26 03 2007

With the spring thaw, its that time of year in Montreal where the roads are a little more trecherous than usual.  Putting aside the CRAPPY driving (as mentioned here, only last week), the thaw sees large amounts of water on the roads (that occassionaly still re-freezes with colder night time temperatures).  Also this time of year is when all the potholes created over the winter are ‘unearthed’

The quick and often temperature changes causes alot of road shifting, and the potholes here in Montreal are HUGE!

Please be careful when driving, watch out for potholes, and respect the workers in each of the degel areas . . . . .

Transports Quebec

Thaw zones and periods 

The ministère des Transports du Québec reminds heavy vehicle users and shippers that, as each year, authorized load limits are reduced during the spring thaw period in order to take into account the weaker load bearing capacity of the road network during that period.

For the 2007 spring thaw period, the revised dates the load restrictions start and end in each of the thaw zones are as follows

Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3




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