Dance! Dance!

26 03 2007

I went with my mom to Niagara Falls early Sunday morning to check out some of my sister’s competitive dance classes competing.  (I will be blogging about competitve dancing shortly, just writing my entry)

Her numbers were great.  I’m happy I got to go out and support her.  I don’t tell her how proud I am of her often enough. 

 It was almost surreal to see kids who I taught when they were 6, who are all 16 and over (and driving!!!!).  The kids were all well impressed that I remembered all their names (I suprised myself a bit too!).

The parents all remembered me, and drilled the “sooo. . . . . .when are you going to be having a little kid to put into dancing” question.

Only so many times I can say “well, I have three cats, they are more than enough work”.

After the competition Mom, Katie, myself and Katie’s boyfriend Coner went to the Hard Rock Cafe for a spot of lunch.

Good day.  I miss doing things with my mom and my sister.

  Me and my mom.  You can’t really see them, but the falls are actually in the background.

 Katie, deep in thought.




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