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24 03 2007

I answer a lot of the customer service calls that come into our office.  Its my job.  And I’m very good it.I am always polite and courteous to the people (my customers) on the other end of the phone – because if these people aren’t happy and don’t buy my products I’m outta work, in addition, no matter how shitty a day I’m having I can’t take that out on customers on the phone.  That is not their fault, and don’t deserve to be spoken to in a rude tone. I deal mainly with warranty issues.  Recently I’ve had a rash of calls that seem to be asking for unreasonable things. 

My question is : What is reasonable to ask a customer service department for?   

How far should you pursue a customer service claim, and what is the best way to get what you want?As a consumer, what do you deserve.  As a business what is reasonable to offer customers? 

I want some different opinions, because I think sitting behind my desk and thinking about what is best for the company is my automatic mindset.  I need to see things from a new perspective so that I don’t get stagnant, or lose touch with the customers. 

Example 1. Almost a year ago I bought myself a pair of Juicy Couture sunglasses.  They cost me a bloody fortune.  Unfortunately after they were dropped (not my myself, but by Colin) the little jewels on the arms of the sunglasses popped out.  I contacted the company and asked for some new jewels to glue into the side, as the pieces were lost when the glasses were dropped.    I was personally contacted back by a chap named Jim (I emailed my question, with pictures of the glasses) I was instructed to send the glasses back, and they return to me a BRAND NEW PAIR!  Also, because of the time delay I was also allowed to buy some eyeglasses frames at cost (The parent company also makes frames for my fave. Gucci, so I bought two Gucci frames).  About 3 weeks later Jim called me back about the glasses, and to make sure everything was cool.    This is going above and beyond customer service!  I would recommend Juicy sunglasses to anyone based on my experience with their customer service department. 

Example 2. 

A customer bought a pair of our playing pants at the first event of the year (March 2006).  He bought a size too big, and wore them to every game, tournament and practice for a full playing season.   He called me up to tell me there were rips starting in the knees, and the cuffs at the bottom where he walked on them were fraying. He wanted me to replace them.   Is this reasonable? 


Example 3.A customer bought one of our other new products (Value $150), and their son was too rough with it and it broke.   We told them to send it to us, (at her charge) and we would replace it for them with a brand new one, sent back by registered courier.  They continued to by asking for the following to be included with their request.

  • $10 cash for the stickers they had put on the product (stickers are given free at tournaments).  Also they wanted stickers sent too.
  • $25 cash for the registered mail charge to send it back to us.
  • A set of goggles (our newest model) and playing pants.  (Because she felt “unconvinced” – MSRP for both together is over $200)
  • One of our employee’s playing jerseys (a lot of our staff are professional players, and jerseys are hard to get – often commanding over $250 on internet forums for sales)
  • $35 for an electronic upgrade piece that was not correctly installed.  She would not return the old one to us though. 





3 responses

24 03 2007

2 & 3 are both unreasonable.

given the level of customer service where i work, request #2 would probablly be honored.

yes, customer fault, blah, blah, blah. 9 x out of 10 it is. we don’t care. we want our customers to be happy.

request #3 would be sent packing. there is customer service and there is bending over and bracing yourself on the headboard. for that customer i would be tempted to get all her info (address, everything) and then say politely ::

thank you, mrs. so & so. now that i have all your information, let me say that if you ever try to defraud this company again i will send this information on to the police and request that they open an investigation into your activities.

(yeah, yeah, i know that’s retail-worker fantasy, but ooooh wouldn’t it be nice to pull that kind of *gotcha*?)

seriously, some claims are blatantly abusive (like #3). others are just ridiculous (#2). but any company worth it’s salt that’s really in it for the long haul is going to treat their customers like the sunglass people treated you.

they are going to recognize that life happens. and that doing a solid for someone who is straight up with them is going to earn them future business and good lip-service to friends, family, and strangers on the internet.

26 03 2007

Thanks for the response. . . .

I’m glad I’m not out of my tree with number 2 and 3. . . . .

26 03 2007
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