I’ll Pass on Passing Thanks.

23 03 2007

I’m getting so sick and tired of the crappy driving here in Quebec.  Its just dreadful and applauling.

I’ve blogged about the driving here quite a bit.  here, here and here as examples.  That doesn’t include the two driving accidents I blogged about either (those were in Ontario).

 I just don’t understand how hard it is to follow some simple rules.  I am no saint when driving but just a few COMMON SENSE things I aways do, like signally and not weaving when driving.

When do people insist on changing lanes and passing in such an unsafe manner.  I bet these are the same people without seat belts on, smoking away as their baby cries in the back.  They turn around, and tell the kid to shut the heck up because they are on the phone.


I wish I could have a limo and driver every day. . . .




2 responses

23 03 2007

well, if you keep letting canadians drive up there you’ve only yourselves to blame.

as for sense :: i’ve seen no evidence that it is at all common.

26 03 2007
Périodes de Dégel & Potholes GALORE « joey moggie

[…] the roads are a little more trecherous than usual.  Putting aside the CRAPPY driving (as mentioned here, only last week), the thaw sees large amounts of water on the roads (that occassionaly still […]

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