Facebook Dilemma

20 03 2007

I got a friend request and a message from someone I just don’t know.  I spent a few minutes reading over their profile – no clues.  I looked at their friends – no mutual friends.

The person sent me a quick little message, and the personal information in the message shows me that they have the right person, but I just don’t know them – or remember them as the case may be.

I’m intrigued that I made enough of an impact in this person’s life to warrant a message above and beyond the usual friend request.

Should I be their friend in hopes that something will jog my memory, or decline the friend request.  . . . .Would it be worse to be ignored, or not remembered?




3 responses

20 03 2007

i have to say, i am not a facebook fan.

1. it insists on making folk join to look at anything.
2. in true contradictory fashion, it then makes you jump through an obscene amount of hoops to keep your personal info personal. (for instance, your full name appeared in the window on your blog when you first set it up. you fixed that but as soon as someone clicks there is your full name again)

-if the person interests you, befreind them. i’m sure you can un-friend later if necessary. but you might still want to visit engtech and make sure all your stuff is secure. he wrote a good post *how to use facebook without losing your job over it*


it is mostly intended for folk who might have a professional stake in not wanting employers and prospective hires seeing their personal internet exploits.

20 03 2007

Kiss now. Block later. 🙂

20 03 2007

I have discovered that when old friends contact me it usually is just a “catch up on life” kind of email frenzy for about a week and then you run out of things to say.

Pretend they are your friend and see how it goes

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