Sad News from Home

19 03 2007

I just got out of the bathtub, I needed some time to think and soak. I soaked until my fingers were painful clenched pruns. Before my cool down bath I was speaking to my Mom on MSN messenger, she sad she had some bad news to tell me.

One of the girls across the street, “A”, someone I had danced with since she was 4 was in a serious car accident on Saturday night. She is still currently in the ICU coming in and out of consciousness. Thankfully, if i can be thankful, this conversation was about an injury and not a death.

One of the errie things is logging onto her page on Facebook, seeing pictures from her recent 21st birthday and then to see all the warm and concerning well wishes along side pictures from St Patrick’s day festivities that she had been ‘tagged’ in, at the time those pictures were posted no one really knew about the accident. . . .

The details are limited and sketchy at this time, apparently a car broadsided them going, what police believe, was over 150KM. A was thrown from the car and when rescue workers came, they said she was found more than 200 feet from the car.

I don’t know the conditions of the driver or the other boy in the car. A was the most seriously injured – a broken neck, shattered knee, crushed ribs.
The car that broadsided them was not the mangled wreak it had created in the car that A was driving it, it was still in drivable condition. Which is what it did – drive away. The lowlife cock-sucking pukes left those kids in dire need of medical attention lying in their own pools of blood. What sort of creature does that? My heart aches for A right now and at the same time I have a burning rage towards the fckers who didnt look back. Do they have no conscious? Did they think about what they were doing?

Colin and I saw the tail end of a single car accident on Friday, and we stopped. . .  . .how could we not stop?  I can’t imagine just driving past.   Shouldn’t it be human nature to want to help each other out?

Sadly, A’s family are no strangers to tragedy, just a few short years ago they suffered the kind of loss you only read about. A’s father was murdered. Something so needless and tragic rarely happens in our sleepy little town, and it was quite a shake up. If the rumours surrounding his cause of death hold any truth, the story would certainly make for a great television crime drama.

So with all that being said, I wish A and A’s family all the love, support, compassion and understanding that they need at this time. My thoughts love and prayers will be with them.

My sister plans on going over tomorrow to see her, and my mom is going to go across the street to see if her mom needs anything done.

I will update as details become available.

***Update March 21st****

Article from The Milton Canadian Champion

OPP officers are looking for a vehicle that took off from the scene of a serious collision early Sunday morning on Hwy. 401.

Officers from the Port Credit detachment are looking for a black Acura or similar vehicle that struck the back of an SUV traveling westbound on the 401, just east of Guelph Line, around 3 a.m.

The SUV lost control and struck the left centre concrete barrier, throwing a female backseat passenger from the vehicle.

The woman remains in stable condition in hospital.

The male driver and front male passenger weren’t injured.

The car involved will have damage to the front driver’s side, police said.

Anyone with information is asked to call (905) 278-6131.

****Update March 21st****

From Facebook

  • GET WELL “A” GROUP As we all know, our good friend A has been in a horrific car accident recently. This group is for those who wish to pay there respects and wishes to our beloved friend A, to comment on how much we love her and that we all want her to get well soon. Milton has been through a lot recently, and someone was deffinalty looking after her. Just write down whatever it is that you’d like and she will see this as soon as she is well enough.
  • NOW I BELIEVE by AA    When i first hear about what happened i was so upset, how could this happen to such an amazing girl. When me and S first got to the Hospital were very nervious to see her thinking the worst. I am not lying when i tell you this she does not have even a scrach on her beautiful face no neck or back trama, she def had her Dad and Adam holding her head when she flew out the car, when i think about it, it brings tears to my eyes i can’t belive it. I now belive in angels!Love you so much A i hold you so close to my heart you are like my sister, i thank Brian and Adam for keeping you here with us it wasen’t you time!!

****Update March 26****

A is still not home. 😦




8 responses

19 03 2007

You and your friend and her family will be in my prayers. How very sad that something like this happened. 😦 Please DO keep us updated.

19 03 2007

Thanks Rachel. . . .appreicate it. . . .and will do.

I just can’t shake this rage right now. . . .how could someone leave an accident like that. . .. . .have they no heart??

19 03 2007

I am so sorry to hear. Maybe you could cook the mom/family a meal and bring it over (to the hospital, probably), since they’ll not have much time for grocery shopping and cooking. That would be really nice to do.

Not much a simple-and almost completely random-blogger such as I can do, but you (all of you) are in my thoughts.

19 03 2007

Its funny you mention that new hoosier, a fresh lasagna casserole is what my mom is taking over to thier house tomorrow. They live across the street.

She is also going to try to help with the house work. . . ..

thank you for your kind words. .. .

19 03 2007

Oh Joey…

What a tragedy. That poor mom, her husband murdered and now her daughter like this???

What a disgusting horrible tragedy.

I will pray for A, and her family as well.

They need your support right now. Please let us know how she does.

20 03 2007

Thanks Skywindows. . . .

I appreicate it. . . .

Prays to you and yours tomorrow too for your “A”s Doctor appointment.

21 03 2007
Paul Graham

Here’s something from the Milton Champion… it seems that they were struck from behind while travelling on the 401.

21 03 2007

thanks paul.

I added the info to the post. . . .

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