Pop Idol Beatbox

18 03 2007

Brahnamin posted the hilarious beatbox flute video today (Recently my brother in law Paul posted it)

To keep on the theme of beatbox. . . .here is an entry on the French version of “American Idol” called NOUVELLE STAR. Its in French. . . .but you’ll get the gist.

(When the judges start talking after the guy is finished, they are talking about how he does it)

For more of my opinions on American Idol, click ,here




6 responses

18 03 2007

How does all that sound come out of his mouth? That is incredible!

18 03 2007

I have no idea. . . .I’d have to listen to the video a few more times to get it straight. . . .all the judges are talking at the same time so I can’t translate it all.

Pretty freaking funny though, eh?

18 03 2007

okay, that was tight.

and i got to the vidoe on paul’s site by clicking your *about joey* tab. i didn’t realize at the time that it had taken me away from your blog.

18 03 2007


I have my photogallery on my Brother in Law’s site. . .cheaper hosting. . . you know family discount. . .

19 03 2007

he looks really talented

19 03 2007

I think so too, Imagine him at a party drunk though… . .hahahaha.

I bet he’d be a kick-ass ventrolquist. . . .if there are any ‘kick ass’ ones to begin with 😉

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