CATS. . . .IN. . .SPACE

18 03 2007

Once in a while you come across something on YouTube that you end up in fits of laughter with tears streaming down your face. Unfortuntaly I cannot explain why the video below is one of said video. Its borderline cruel, but still very very funny.

Part of this video reminds me of the Anti Gravity Experiment  entry I made last year.

When astronauts need some additional weighlessness training, they board the “Vomit Comet”, this aircraft soars very high and essientially does a nose dive giving the passengers a trip similar to space. In this video, they’ve taken a cat with them.

At least it can be said that CATS ALWAYS LAND ON THEIR FEET!




4 responses

18 03 2007

i have never seen such a delightful case of kitty abuse in all my live long days.

all those grinning asprinauts

that cat is terrified! look at its tail! rigid and bushy throughout! that poor lil critter is scared out of his bloody mind.

i bet he lost no less than 3 of his 9 lives in that ordeal.


if i could only plug video into my header…

18 03 2007

Glad you enjoyed it!

I must say I adore my cats with every fiber of my being. . . .I imagine its how parents love children. . . .and I guess similar to seeing your children get beaned or something makes parents laugh, this makes me laugh.

I feel dirty.


27 09 2007

Gosh, I know they are trying to have fun but to torture the poor cat like that…. it’s humiliating.

30 09 2007

Come on. . . its funny.

I’m a cat fanatic. . . and this still make me laugh.

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