Kitty on the Keys

17 03 2007

Colin and I went on a date night tonight.  We went to Montana’s for some steak for dinner, and off to the movies to see the new Frank Miller movie ‘300’.  Totally not my cup of tea, and I’ve made it very clear to Colin he totally owes me a chick flick after sitting through all 2 hours of that movie.

In short the movie is about a war between the Spartans and the Persians. . .  .and thats pretty much it, battle scene after battle scene after battle scene.  I don’t mind the occassional battle scene, but when thats it, well – not my cup of tea.

Before we left the house we just couldn’t find the car keys.  We searched in all the usual places.  Marty and Minou watched in amusement from the front windows, Manny watched us from the front hallway stairs.  We were convinced we just wouldn’t find them, and that date night was a bust.

Then my mischievious little tuxedo thought he should be cute and roll over the stairs with his head cocked upside down, there underneath his 8lb frame were the car keys.

I swear I could see a little grin of satifaction on this face.

little bugger.

Date night was saved.




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