Going EMO for EVOO

14 03 2007

I keep hearing about how great this Rachel Ray is. I’ve been tuning in here and there trying to catch a thing or two (Apparently according to Colin I’m not really a gifted chef. . . .any who. . .) She often uses the expression EVOO – for those that aren’t sure what that stands for (I’m sure there isn’t many of you) it stands for EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.

Recently Rachel Ray was presented with a certificate from the Oxford Dictionary congratulating her that EVOO would now be an actual dictionary word

Source : Chow.com

The EVOOing of America

It’s official: EVOO is now a word. The dictionary tells us so.

Today, on Rachael Ray’s talk show, Erin McKean, editor of Oxford American Dictionaries, showed up to present Ray with a framed certificate of recognition. As she explained to Ray, “Because of you, we are putting EVOO in the next edition of the Oxford American College Dictionary.” The entry will read: “EVOO: abbr. extra-virgin olive oil.”

McKean told Ray how hard it is to actually get a word into the dictionary: “We look at thousands of words every year, and very, very few of them get in. It’s easier to win the lottery, frankly.” McKean also wants people to know that this newest entry in the Oxford American College Dictionary isn’t just because Ray is more talked about than God: “In order for a word to go in the dictionary, it has to be useful to people. It’s not just enough to be a fabulous celebrity to get your word in the dictionary; you have to make a word that people like to use.” During their exhaustive research, McKean claimed when she and her dictionary cronies saw people using “EVOO,” Ray’s name appeared in more than half the examples.

I think its cool that EVOO is now a word, the part that drives nuts about it is that when she uses it in a show, she continues by saying. . . . .”EVOO. . . .thats extra virgin olive oil”. What is the point of having an abbrevation if you then s-a-y t-h-e w-h-o-l-e t-h-i-n-g o-u-t a-n-y-w-a-y?????????

Here is a receipe that Christine emailed me, its a “Rachel Ray”

Haddock with Bacon and Onions Recipe courtesy Rachael Ray
Show: 30 Minute Meals
Episode: Good Fish Fast

2 pounds haddock filet, cut into 4 8-ounce portions
2 tablespoons lemon juice – about 1/4 lemon
EVOO – extra-virgin olive oil, for drizzling
6 slices smoky bacon, chopped
8 cippolini, small Italian flat-shaped sweet onion, peeled and thinly
(A medium yellow onion, quartered then thinly sliced may be substituted, but
cippolini are
widely available, so check for them in the local market.)
1large clove garlic, finely chopped
1 cup Italian bread crumbs
1/4 cup flat-leaf parsley, a couple of handfuls, chopped

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
Rinse fish and pat dry. Sprinkle fish with lemon juice and salt. Rub flat
baking dish with butter, drizzle a little EVOO on top of butter. Place fish
in baking dish.

Heat a small skillet over medium high heat. Add the bacon. Render the fat in
the bacon 3 minutes then add onions. Sweeten and soften onions and garlic 10
minutes. Remove pan from heat. Add bread crumbs to the pan and turn them to
coat them in drippings. Add parsley. Top fish with coating of onions, bacon
and bread crumbs. Bake 30 minutes.




2 responses

14 03 2007

Haha! I watched her one day and I was like, “What the heck is she talking about with this EVOO!?” My sister had to explain it to me.

This post made me laugh!!

14 03 2007

glad you had a giggle. . . .

I’ve never heard her just say EVOO . . . ..she ALWAYS says it out right afterwards. . ..

It was really brought to my attention by Chris and Christine. . .

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