Talking to Americans.

13 03 2007

Recently on Skywindows & on Juggling Cats both highlighted a farce Environment Canada Wildlife Federation video. . . .

And I thought I would defend my great land by poking fun at my neighbours to the south, and my friends in historic Virginia. . . .

Check out this page for more TALKING TO AMERICANS with Rick Mercer from the popular tv show This Hour Has 22 Minutes




6 responses

14 03 2007

Congratulations Joey on getting your 24 hour clock…

That video is funny! Thanks for sharing.

I didn’t know Canada had so many states lol.

14 03 2007

challenging the intelligence of southern americans is kinda like kicking kittens. satisfying, perhaps, but not really a challenge


(insert child’s voice) *hang on! canada has provinces!*

are you smarter than a fifth grader? (i love that part)


my wife must not have watched the whole video or she’d surely have congratulated canadia on getting her first woody. 8)

14 03 2007

Woodys are good.

I would NEVER kick a kitten though, Brahnamin. . . . 😉

I’m trying to find some links for the “heritage moment” videos. . .

Those are mint too. . . . .

14 03 2007

erm…drunken sod, then. though as a literary device, it lacks visceral impact and shock value.

15 03 2007
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25 03 2007
Just for the Record, I love Americans « joey moggie

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