Sugar High

13 03 2007

This past weekend Chris and Christine came up to visit.  We madly cleaned up our place for their arrival. . . .some fresh flowers in the bathroom, a few new air fresheners and the nice new sheets (500 thread count, Chris) on the bed. . . .

Friday night we went to Mama Bravo’s down the street for dinner.  We drank Sangria until the restaurant fell quiet. . . .

Saturday we headed out to Rigaud to a Sugar Shack. . .  .The pictures are here







Bean soup – Mrs Graham would be proud!!!!



We walked around and looked at all the buildings, sampled some taffee and had a traditional maple surup lunch. . . . .

After our day at the sugar shack we went back home and took our hand at trying Raclette. . . . its similar to fondue, often called a party grill.  You sit around and grill your meat and vegetables and just sit around and talk.

We also thought that since we were already cooking ourselves, it only made sense to have chocolate fondue. . . .the chocolate fondue was a little rich after a day of sugar sugar sugar. . . .

After chocolate fondue we played a rousing game of Simpsons Jeapordy. . .  .drank some tea and watched Manny be bad.







2 responses

14 03 2007
Christine Hann

Good times! You can feel free to remove that photo of me. Other than showing my wedding rings, it’s pretty awful!!! Loved all the other photos.

14 03 2007

i like the steam off the cup. . .


i think you always take good photos. . . .

– – – – – – — – – – –

I think the one of Manny will be my submission to the “bad cats calendar”

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