13 03 2007

When I worked at A&P, the Manager Mr A wasn’t really keen on having people with disabilities working in the store. He was an old fashioned man, with old fashioned ideals, and very much stuck in his ways.

He did eventually agree to hire a chap named Matthew. He attendened the special needs school at EC Drury. He looked ‘normal’ which was probably part of the reason Mr A allowed him to come and work for us.

Matthew was very much a creature of habit. He needed a routine to follow. Most of the people at the store couldn’t spare the time to talk to Matthew, as he was pretty simple with the things he liked to discuss. I always made sure I had 10 minutes or so during every shift available to talk to Matthew. Usually we talked about movies, he loves movies. I can still name his favourite – Blazing Saddles. He would tell me every time we talked that it was his favourite.

Its been years since either Matthew or I have worked together, and years since I lived in town, but still every time I see him at the local WalMart (where he works now) He always says hi and calls me by name. I think because I devoted that time to talk to him he remembers me, even out of the context in which we knew each other.

Now when I make my trips to WalMart I always make sure I have an extra 10 minutes if I run into Matthew. Usually we talk about movies. . . his favourite is Blazing Saddles. . . . .




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