Facing the Music

9 03 2007

At the end of last year I got a huge number of hits one day from a website called ‘facebook’ – I tried to click on the link that was bringing in all the traffic but it kept telling me I had to sign up to see.

I decided that I was so curious what was being linked from my blog, I signed up.

I ‘poked’ the person in question, she was linking my VANILLA MINI WHEATS entry.

My Facebook account laid dorment. About 2 weeks ago I got a huge stack of emails from said website telling me people from my past wanted to be my friend and reconnect.

I logged back on to see who had marked me as their friend. Its absoutly a riot to see the people who have come out of the wood work on that site. Better than ‘classmates’ (less spam), and along the same lines of ‘MySpace’.

The biggest difference between Facebook and MySpace is that you are asked if you actually know the person – and you have the option to say where you know ther person (such as you went to highschool together, or the person is your cousin). And if you don’t know them, and choose that option it say “then why are you friends with? Delete?”
I think the most surreal part of Facebook thus far has been the kids who have messaged me about being friends. When I say kids I use the term loosely. I’m talking kids I used to teach dance to when they were 6 (They are all finishing High School now), or a couple of kids I used to babysit (Who are done univerisity and are on the cuspe of starting their careers).  I’m not sure how this all makes me feel.  Good in one way, because obviously I must have been a cool teacher and babysitter – so no permenant scarring of any kind.  Of course I do have that feeling of being in an advanced state of aging – and I’m not even 30 yet. . . .

Also, I’ve spoken to a few people who I darn near thought fell off the face of the earth. . .

All in all I’ve enjoyed my walk down memory lane.. . .

Have you looked into Facebook?




2 responses

14 03 2007
Denise Robasciotti

Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.

14 03 2007

thanks for stopping by Spammy Denise. . . .

I can’t be arsed to delete your post. . . .so. . . . .

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