7 03 2007

Recently my husband started to do something he has never done before. 

Wear his wedding ring.

Normally he only wears it to ‘special occassions’ (He used to say it went with his suit).

He is a lefty, and an artist, and has always felt uncomfortable wearing it.

P&K’s wedding was start of his daily ring wearing.

Something he noticed, at least in his own place of work, is that men who wear a ring command a different level of respect and (fairly or not) are treated differently.  He wanted to try this experiment out for himself.

He believes that in the work place its in part a physical affirmation of not only commitment, but also worth and responsibility.  Which I guess are parts of why one would wear the ring in the first place anyways, and probably why those traits could also be associated to the project at hand.

Whatever the reasons, I’m proud of him.  And each day he wears it it makes me love him even more . . . . .




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