A Stitch in Time, for some new curtains

4 03 2007

My mother in law gave me an old sewing machine she had recently aquired. It a 30 years old Bernina machine, and it has never been used. She took it in for servicing before she gave it to me to make sure it was in good working order.

The maiden voyage of this 3 decade old beast was some curtain for my guest bedroom.   Chris and Christine are coming up this coming weekend to see us, and I figured they might want some privacy in the room from the neighbours who can look right into the window 🙂

They were a valent attempt, and I look forward to trying my hand at even more sewing!

Pictures to follow. . . .




2 responses

8 03 2007

now i’m off the beaten path. hopefully you’ll see this checking your stats. i didn’t want to draw attention and comment on the first page

erm…did you know your facebook displays your whole name? just thought i’d shoot you a heads-up given all the other info (like where you live, etc) that you’ve posted.

i’m sure you’d love to have your very own stalker, but i’d be worried about you . . .

9 03 2007
Brandi Washington

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