Guitar Hero Deal of the Century

1 03 2007

As many of you who frenquent my blog know (Thank you to the faithful four! 😉 ) Colin and I are addicted to the Playstation 2 game GUITAR HERO. 

We were reading the newspaper in Toronto, and as a heavenly rays of light shone brightly against the newsprint, our eyes were quickly drawn to an add for a sleezy “Just fell off the truck” electronics store in Mississauga/Toronto that were selling Guitar Hero 1, with Guitar and Game for $38.99!

We went and picked ourselves up a copy (we already have Guitar Hero 2) – we also picked up a copy for my brother Matthew, who now only greets me with, “Hey, Yo, so di’ya bring Guitar Hero?”

I really wanted to get Guitar Hero one, I have been looking for a used copy of just the game (I figured that with most used PS2 games they usually run about 20 bucks).  No such luck!  The game is so popular that people just don’t sell their copies back to the stores.  A real true testiment to the brilliance of this game.  Pretty much every EB Games from Montreal to Toronto has NO used copies, and the game itself if you buy it new from a store is usually about 50 bucks!

I am ever so pleased with the deal we got!  No we have 2 guitars!  I’m looking forward to Jammin’ with Colin in the basement!





2 responses

1 03 2007

If you think THAT’S fun, you should try “Singstar Rocks.” My (20 year old) daughter asked for it for Christmas and we let her open it on Christmas Eve. We laughed until I thought we were going to be sick. The whole family played and we can’t sing for crap, but it was great, great fun. 🙂

1 03 2007

perhaps we can all start a virtual band. . . .

You guys think you can sing, I think I can play guitar. . . .now we just need someone who thinks they can play drums!

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