1 03 2007

What is the life span of a blog?

I often enjoy using the “Tag Surfer” to see what else is happening on WordPress, and often I come across blogs that have been abandoned.

I wrote not to long ago about abandoned blogs and people who write “I’m moving my blog to blah blah” posts or “sorry I haven’t blogged in a while” entries.

I’ve been thinking alot about it, because I feel like I’m starting to loose steam. What if I run out of ideas? I suspect this is the biggest problem for personal blogs, life takes you in another direction and the blog you started somehow doesn’t feel relevant to who and where you are now.

What do you suggest to keep it fresh?




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1 03 2007

glad you posted this topic actually.

my glitch came recently when i caught myself *blogging for stats* (playing *tag* with the tags, etc) rather than blogging for me (which is where i started out).

not a biggie, you don’t like the direction you’re going, you switch things up. it’s the net. easily done.

but part of my *new* direction was to consolodate my 3 blogs into one, clean up how i hosted images, take the time to draw a more interesting header, and MAKE MY TAGS MORE PRACTICAL AND APPROPRIATE.

it was all going fine til i went to delete my superfluous tags.

i got through about 1/3 of them, saving and refreshing as i went, when all of a sudden they all popped back up, neat as you please.

long and short i ended up having to create a new blog to make the changes i wanted to make. (in fact i am still working on it)

in the end it ammounted to about the same amount of work for me, but for my readers, especially those who link me, it requires plugging in a new url at least once and it makes me look like i’m flaking.

i hate to lose readers (especially readers who regularly comment on my blog *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*) in the week or so it will take me to get back up and running, but i’ve decided that isn’t so important to me.

if what i’m writing resonates with folk, they’ll come round.

i get disappointed sometimes when a favorite blogger goes awol, but i also get it that life happens. if someone stays gone too long, i shrug and let them go.

i do sometimes worry about running out of material. then one of my kids or kits or pups will come charging into the room and do something ridiculous for me to blog about, allaying my fears.

personally, i think change is good.

keeps things from getting stagnant anyways.

1 03 2007

ps-thanks for updating your link to me

1 03 2007

You’d think I was picking on you, eh? (no problem about the link, btw)

You perhaps were what prompted me to publish my entry, I had actually started it a while ago when one of my other favourite bloggers penseroso got all ancy and moved around a bit.

I guess I was worried that a) I’d lose blogs that I enjoyed reading, and b) I myself would run out of things to say.

I think there are ALWAYS things to say, its just how relevant to the way your life is moving they are.

I try to put ‘something’ on my blog everyday. And so far I have been successful. Actually I have posted at least one entry every day since the end of Septemeber. No small feat in my mind. . . .

I try to keep 10 posts or so “in the works” so if I am stuck for an idea, at least I have some backups to fall back on. . . .

2 03 2007

ah, well there’s your trouble. don’t worry about relevance. make sure it is relevant to *you*

…then trust that the universe has twisted other souls into similar positions that will make it relevant to them.

trust me, we’re out here . . .

2 03 2007

I think it’s important not to get caught up in the ‘I have to blog every day’ mindset. I struggle with it sometimes myself. I think life is interesting enough that there will always be things to write about, but I don’t think a person should feel guilt or pressure to post on a regular basis. Blogs are more fun to read when you get the sense that the author is enjoying the endeavor.

2 03 2007

Oh, and I totally agree (and I do enjoy it) I suppose for me there is a bit about finally having something that I have truly stuck with. Often I have an idea or start a project and never have that follow through, so far I think I’ve been ‘successful’ as blogging – and its the success that makes me WANT to have something to post everyday. . . . .

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