My Nails are Cured! I Like Manicures!

28 02 2007

 I’ve always had horrible looking nails.  Short and very brittle.  I also suffer from horrible hang nails.

So with the wedding last week I thought it a suiting time to try my hand at manicures again.  I had been using nail strentheners and growers to try to make my nails look reasonable to go to the salon with (yes there were that bad).  With a glowing reccomendation from Christine to VidaSpa in Milton off I went to see if there was anything I could do to fix my nails.   I’ve always been very embarrased of my nails because of how awful they look.

The manicurist worked her magic, and painted my nails a super ‘hawt’ red!  They looked amazing,  so I’ve just made an appointment for myself to go again in two weeks to have another manicure – its too bad I won’t be in Milton that weekend.  Janine was very good.
I have continued my regime of hardeners and cuticle oil, and my nails still look pretty good – and I haven’t broken any!




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28 08 2008

I have truly enjoyed the addition of the vintage 50’s signs with the wisecrack sayings…very funny!

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