And Then Someone You Know Does Something Stupid

27 02 2007

Source : The Milton Canadian Champion Newspaper

Man faces numerous charges in fatal Steeles Ave. crash

Feb 27, 2007
A local man faces numerous charges including drunk driving after being involved in a fatal crash Friday morning that claimed the life of one of his passengers and seriously injuring the other.Halton Regional Police say preliminary information from the crash site, which happened shortly before 3 a.m., suggests that a car carrying three Miltonians was travelling east on Steeles Avenue when it struck the rear of a stopped transport float trailer commonly used to move heavy equipment.

A Milton man in the backseat of the car died at the scene, while the Milton woman in the front was seriously injured and rushed by air ambulance to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. She remains in serious but stable condition, according to police.

At press time, the names of the two victims and their relationship to the driver aren’t being released, but police indicated they’re both in their early 30s.

The driver of the car, 31-year-old Dylan Palmer, has been charged with impaired driving causing death, impaired driving causing bodily harm, dangerous driving causing death, dangerous driving causing bodily harm and driving with more than the legal limit of alcohol in his blood.

He appeared in Milton Court late yesterday for a bail hearing.

Police are continuing to investigate the collision. Steeles Avenue from James Snow Parkway to Sixth Line and Fifth Line, from Steeles Avenue to Main Street, were closed Friday for almost 12 hours.

Source: The Milton Canadian Champion

Man killed in crash was 33-year-old Hornby man
Mar 02, 2007

Police have released the name of a man killed last Friday in a Steeles Avenue collision.

Jason Wood, a 33-year-old Hornby-area resident, died at the scene of the accident after the car he was traveling in struck a stopped transport trailer at Fifth Line.

A funeral for Wood, a father of one, was held Wednesday.

The collision occurred just before 3 a.m. Wood was traveling in the back of the eastbound vehicle when it struck the rear of the truck.

A Milton woman who was in the front passenger seat remains in stable condition in hospital.

The driver of the car, 31-year-old Dylan Palmer from Milton, faces numerous drunk driving charges including impaired driving causing death. He was released on bail under strict conditions after a hearing Monday at the Milton courthouse. He’ll make his next court appearance Monday.


I was talking to a friend from my home town yesterday and she was telling me about a car accident on Friday. I was all to aware of this particular car accident, because it blocked the access roads leading to the Graham’s house. With frantic trips to the spas, salons and of course WalMart for last minute wedding things it was quite a pain to have to drive all the way over to Highway 25 and back around to the WalMart.

The first time I got to the blockade and asked the police what happened I was simply told to “move along” – this was at 8:30 in the morning, so only hours after the accident itself. The second time Colin was with me, and the police this time at least gave us an answer. “Fatal”.

We couldn’t see anything up on Steeles to indicate what type of accident it was. Be honest, if you were as close as we were you’d look. There were a row a school buses, and the usual construction trucks and gadgets. We assumed for the length of time the road was closed that it was either a child getting on a school bus, or a construction accident – both which would be heavily investigated.

Needless to say when I found out the circumstances, and the driver, it makes me sad to know him. His sister was hero of mine when I was younger. You hear about impaired driving accidents everyday, and its not until one touches you do you sit back and think about your own life and choices.

I thankfully have never driven my car drunk, or gotten into a car with someone under the influence. Neither has Colin.

Has drunk driving affected you. . . . .




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1 03 2007

As a child, my family was camping with some other families. One little girl I played with there asked me to sleep over in her car that night. I begged and begged my mom but she said “no”. That night, the little girl’s mom got drunk and angry when a man turned down her drunken advances. She drove her car, with my friend in the back into the lake where we were camping. Both of them died, I would have too if my mother hadn’t said “no”.

1 03 2007

Wow! What a truely amazing story!

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