Grumpy Puss

22 02 2007

Minou is my grumpy girl.

Minou means pussy-cat in French.  Yes, I do know I’ve named my cat “cat”.

I have never really gotten a great picture of her, I size her up get ready for the shot and she moves like the moody cow she is! I really wish I had a talent to get a good picture of her, because she is a stunningly beautiful cat. Very lovely features and cute danity feet.

She adores Colin, and will ‘peep’ for him (we thinks its her love call). She’ll come to his side of the bed in the morning, and playfully wake him up with headbutts and purring.





3 responses

22 02 2007

Great cat shots, especially the last one!

Cat’s definitely don’t cooperate with photographers. The only way I can come up with a satisfactory shot of my boys is to hang around them for a while with camera in hand. For every picture I share with the world, there are twenty that were completely hosed up by these willful, contrarian felines.

26 02 2007

I agree totally Penseroso.. . . ..You’ve probably seen my gallery site, and there are hundreds of pictures of my cats. . . .

But mainly of Marty and Manny (both are hams for the camera, and in honesty, I think they both like it) Its just Minou who I never get3 that one amazing picture of. . . .

13 11 2009


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