Ode to my Warrior

20 02 2007

On Saturday my brave Warrior will don a skirt kilt for his brother’s wedding.  He is very self-conscience of it, and truth be told he doesn’t really want to wear it, but he loves his brother and wants to support him in his day.

Colin is slightly ginger and has thick stocky legs, so he is the perfect build for kilt wearing.  He will totally give the chaps in Braveheart a run for their money! I’m looking forward to seeing him all dolled up – I’m just hoping his legs don’t look better in a skirt then mine!

Thank you Colin for being such a good sport, I know Paul & Kate appreicate it.

Meaning and Origin of Colin:
Colin means “Victory of the people” and its origin is Greek
. The gender of this name is for a boy. This name has skipped across the Atlantic, its dashing World War II RAF image and British accent intact, and has made a triumphant landing in America. The one point of contention is its pronunciation. Traditionally, it is sounded with a soft o, but American flying ace Colin Kelly promoted the Cole-in version later emulated by General Colin Powell, the first Black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Originally a short French form of NICOLAS, Colin was a popular name for shepherds in English pastoral poetry (and retains some of that lyrical quality), was a favorite of the MacKenzie and Campbell clans in Scotland, and was chosen by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson for one of their sons.




4 responses

21 02 2007

I think it would be awesome to see my husband in a kilt… especially with nothing on underneath… yum.

26 02 2007

I said the same thing, and I was told no nudity because it was a ‘rental’ 😉

31 07 2007
tom blackwood

Good for Colin wear your kilt with pride ! a kilt is not just for weddings it can be worn anywhere any time when you wear it you will find it is a most comfortable garment no crotch to consrict your manhood !

31 07 2007

thanks for stopping by. . . .

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