The World’s Uglist Couch

19 02 2007

 Its been almost two years since we sold the beloved ugly avacado puke green leather button back couch.   I have an odd sense of mourning about it.

Before I was married, and Colin lived with a few chaps in a rented house in Chertsey (Surrey, in the United Kingdom) .  In order to furnish their place they gladly accepted ‘handouts’ when ever they could.

This couch was one of said handouts.  It was given to them by a mutal work colleauge, who had quite an interesting genre he collected.  He collected all things ‘casino’ – which is really no small feat in rural England.  He had a garage full of one armed bandits, bar ware and lounge furniture.

This couch apparently spent its glory years in the lobby of some European casino, sadly we never found out which one.  What a glamourous life.

Scars of its past life of splendor were evident, to the worn drink rings on the arms, to the scuffing on the round ball feet.   The leather was worn the middle of each seat cushion, and the back of couch was yellowed from natural light aganist it.

After we got engaged and the guys went their seperate ways, Colin ‘inherited’ the ugly avacado puke green leather button back couch. For the time we lived in England it was the faithful heart of our living room.  It was the butt of many jokes, but Colin stayed true to his couch.  When the time came to move back to Canada Colin seriously contemplated the cost of bringing his free avacado puke green leather button back couch back to Canada to adorn our need abode.  Needless to say I wasn’t as keen on the idea.

Thankfully after several days of “Don’t worry Honey, we’ll find the couch a good home” He finally agreed to let me sell it on Ebay.

I put a reserve of 100 Pounds and a week for the auction.  We watched, and waited.  Many people “watched” the auction with us, but no bids.  The day the auction came to an end there was a frenzied bidding war on the ugly avacado puke green leather button back couch that Colin had got for free.  When the smoke cleared we were surprized to learn that we had got 500 pounds for the thing!   In fact, when I spoke to the chap who bought it on the phone he’d said he’d been looking for a couch just like it for ages, and was actually prepared to spend almost 1000 pounds to get it!

Its certainly true, people will buy anything on ebay.

Dear Ugly avacado puke green leather button back couch, 

I hope your life has been good, and your new owners cared for your as much as we Colin did.


Colin and Joey 




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20 02 2007
Paul Graham

I remember watching that on ebay with you as in the final minutes people kept bidding on it. I’ve seen that couch, and was surprised by it… but yeah, you’re right… people will buy anything on ebay.

20 02 2007

Paul, you are one of the very few Canadians who actually got to sit and “enjoy” the couch in all its glory. Feel privilleged. . . .feel privilleged!

20 02 2007

I actually started to think about who got to see/sit on the couch. . . . Actually alot of these people had the opportunity to SLEEP on the couch! 🙂

Needless to say we didn’t have much company.


1. Christine
2. Bretton
3. Becky
4. Geoff
5. Mrs Graham
6. Mr Graham
7. Kristi
8. Jordan
9. Jorden
10. Gavin
11. Barry
12. Jessica
13. Shirley
14. The Campaign Power kids. . .all of them.
15. Naomi
16. Siobhan
17. Rocket
18. Neil M

20 02 2007

Wow! Quite a couch. I’m amazed that you got so much for it, but it was certainly unique.

20 02 2007

We were really surprised too! Even more suprised that the person who bought it was LOOKING for a couch like it.

by today’s exchange rate, on

485.00 GBP United Kingdom Pounds = 1,107.12 CAD Canada Dollars

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