Mapping of the CAT BRAIN

18 02 2007

Its all so clear now, its all so clear. . . .  .

I was reading Rachel’s Blog, and she had this delightfully little cartoon.  I enjoyed it so much I had to post it on my own blog too!  Thanks Rachel!




6 responses

18 02 2007

Ha! The asthmatic person locator is particularly apropos — and damn funny!

18 02 2007

I was trying to think if my guys have any additional lobes not shown on the map. . . .

. . . I was thinking. . . .

– I remember you left for 3 days, so I’m going to ignore you lobe
– Niping toes under the covers
– Pooping in the box as you are still cleaning it.
– Furry Alarm Clock

18 02 2007

Re Furry Alarm Clock — yes indeed. This is the weekend, but does Sigmund care? Oh no. If the sun’s up, I gotta be up too, reaching for the cat food.

19 02 2007

that cat is defective.

it’s missing it’s *desperate need to run at full tilt into another room for no apparent reason* gland.

20 02 2007

Haha all of these are so true! I’m laughing like a crazy person and my boyfriend is looking at me like I’ve lost it. Ah how I miss my 2 kitties!

20 02 2007

My cats also have the “Love to play in water, hate to have a bath” lobe!


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