The Cat That Wouldn’t Nap

17 02 2007

Colin and I have been kicking back at home all day, I had to finish my wedding present project today (Will be blogging about it later 🙂 )

Manny, our littlest moggie, has been a royal pain the arse all day. He just won’t go for a sleepie. He has not once had a cat-nap once today.

Now, if Manny was a human baby surely he’d be sullen, grumpy and most likely red-faced and tears welling in his eyes. Manny is still bright-eyed and bushy tailed as it were.

He has been playing fetch all day, and ‘talking’ to us in a series of peeps and mews all day. Often Colin and I aren’t home on weekends, or are really busy that perhaps we don’t spend the quality time with the moggies as they would like (Although Marty and Minou don’t seem to look like they care much) it was nice to spend a whole day with the little bugger.

I’m hoping he’ll sleep all the way through the night, and I don’t get an early morning wake up call like last time!




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