Another Mrs Graham in 7 Days

17 02 2007

Next Saturday my Brother in Law Paul is getting married to Kate.

I wish them luck on the final countdown and last minute preparations.

Have fun guys, the day is over before you know it! Remember to stop, breath, and take a good look around the room to see the faces of every person in the room who loves you and supports you. . . .

I’m so looking forward to seeing Colin in a skirt. . . . .yeah yeah yeah. . . .I know. . . . its not a skirt, its a kilt. 🙂

One week till. . . .. . .PARTY TIME! 🙂




3 responses

18 02 2007

AWWWWWWWWwwwww What a sweet Valentine gift. Beautiful couple too! I wish them the best!

19 02 2007

Thanks for the advice, Joey – so far we’re enjoying the last few days of running around… we’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

Looking forward to seeing you soon! You can start calling me “#2” if you want too!


20 02 2007

Kate, be sure to catch my “Wives” series. . . thats for you . . .


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