Desperately seeking. . . .Joey

16 02 2007

Today I have had 11 hits to my blog for people Googling. . . .me


Am I celebrity? Do I have a stalker? A Fan?


Certainly all (four) of my loyal readers aren’t Googling me? . . . . . Or are they?

Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Generator




3 responses

17 02 2007

I suspect people maybe searching for that chap from “Friends.”

But enjoy your new-found popularity while it lasts!

17 02 2007

No, I’m pretty sure they were searching me. . . .

“Joey+ Colin”

I’m pretty sure there isn’t another couple with the same name. . . . . . .

I do, however get hits for people searching Joey Graham, who is a basketball player for the Toronto Raptors. . . .

17 07 2007

I had 22 people googling me today.


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