Bombs over Ile Perrot

16 02 2007


Car firebombed during Ile Perrot council meeting

Outspoken critic says he had planned to ask tough questions about budget

Denis Laflamme was preparing to ask the mayor of Notre Dame de l’Ile Perrot some tough questions at a monthly council meeting Tuesday night when someone burst into the council chamber, saying a black Honda Civic was on fire in the parking lot.

There goes the freaking neighbourhood. I live in a leafy little burb of Montreal, in Canada. If shit like this happens here, where the heck is safe?

I know that no one was hurt, killed or injured but the idea of such a violent act in my own backyard. . . .and in truth, this wasn’t really that violent of an act.

The radio news said it was a car bomb, not a fire bomb – but I can’t find a story online without subscibing to an online newspaper. . . . The radio news said it was a home made bomb, probably something someone looked up on the internet to make.

I’ve always felt a bit descenstized about violent current events, like 9/11, the war in Iraq, the train bombs in London, Columbine. . . . (although I always make a point of remembering where I was when the events happen)

I’m Canadian. . . . . nothing like this happens here, nothing like this happens to me.




5 responses

16 02 2007

Welcome to the club, my friend.

18 02 2007
Not Worried

Such acts of intimidation should not be tolerated.
Coupled with the threats that Mr. Laflamme received the following day, one has to wonder who wants to keep him quiet and why. Something does not seem right.

I live in NDIP and came here because it was semi-rural yet close to Montreal….
Now it’s feels somewhat “tainted”…

18 02 2007

that is exactly why we moved off the island too. . . .

18 02 2007

I heard that the bombing was related to the contaminated water in NDIP.

19 02 2007
Not Worried

Yuri, it could have to do with the contaminated water or the poor city budget for 2007, or the spending habits of the mayor (at our expense) – who knows….

I really liked it here and wonder what is going on….

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