Buzzy Beavers

13 02 2007

Recently my work place got some energy drinks in the vending machine, and although its apparently ‘dam good’ stuff, I can’t justify putting anything to my lips called ‘Beaver Buzz’

I don’t care if its made by Canadians, in Canada, and for Canadians. . . . .the name is just plain ewwwwy. 

I wonder if there is an aftertaste?  Blllllahhhh!

beaver buzz

beave buzz




5 responses

13 02 2007

Does it taste like fish?

13 02 2007

I have no idea. . . . . .I seriously refuse to try it. . . .


14 02 2007

OMG… that is so funny Joey!!! They obviously skipped school the day the professor covered “Don’t name your product after private body parts” in marketing 101.

16 02 2007

I agree. . . . or perhaps it was the point.

Sky Windows. . .I asked someone at the office yesterday what the aftertaste was like. .

“what is the aftertaste like, is it fishy?”

Apparently that wasn’t very funny. . . and for arguments sake, it supposed to taste like a poor-mans Red Bull. . . .

16 02 2007

lol! I think its hilarious!

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