When in SHOWERS, it pours. Tails of Travel Back to the Little Big City.

12 02 2007

I’ve re-climatized myself to everyday life back in Montreal, and wish to recount all the epic and heroic passages of time during these last back to back to back stints in the little big city. (Actually Milton, but lets not get technical) 🙂 for all things wedding related.

Weekend 1) Drove to Toronto with Colin for Paul’s Bachelor Party (the evidence has not been posted !!) & Kate’s Family & Friends Wedding Shower (The Regal Party)

Weekend 2) I flew to Toronto for Kate’s MGH wedding shower.

Weekend 3) Colin and I drove to Toronto for Kate’s Bachelorette party.

These little tidbits are not nessasaily in chronological order. In truth, I’ve been working on this post for almost a month, so everything sorta melted together in my head.

So its all here. . . .but it might not be pretty. . . hahahah

ACT 1, Scene 1 ::: The Night I Nearly Killed my Husband.

I don’t want to relive this moment another time. If you know me you know the story. But for my loyal blog readers. Yes. I did almost kill my husband. In short, while driving to Toronto between Cornwall and Brockville the land is open and it valleys out. I was driving in the dark and snow and came to the bottom of the valley, which was pure thick black ice. I lost control of the car and it fish-tailed and swerved from lane to lane, narrowly missing getting hit by a transport truck. I believe had I not been able to steer the car the other way and into the ditch we would have hit the transport truck, Colin would have been killed instantly. I know it.

I love you Colin.

ACT 1, Scene 2 ::: Tea for My’Lady

Mrs Graham and I went to Claire’s house for the Regal Princess Shower. My camera batteries were dead so I got nadda pictures of the event. It was really lovely. I got to meet one of Kate’s friends Angela, who is just awesome.

ACT 1, Scene 3 ::: 3/4 and Up, Knees and Up, Neck and Down

Paul’s stag do was all day and into the evening. The guys played street hockey, and ate pizza. Then they went go karting. Followed by a paint-paul-by-numbers game (Thankfully following the 3/4 arms and up, knees and up, Neck and Down rule). The chaps went to Falchasie (I have no idea how to spell that), the very cool irish pub by Square One. I once saw the lead singer from Our Lady Peace there.

ACT 2, Scene 1 ProActiv ::: Every Terrorist’s secret weapon

I got to the Dorval airport at 5pm, right on time. My intention was not to check any of my baggage. I brought my Lululemon bag (which I will blog about later) and a small tiny suitcase with a couple changes of clothing.

I had done online check in, so I proceeded right to security. Upon the usual feel-up I get (damn my boobs, damn the underwire in my bra!) They decided to look into my bags.

My ProActiv solution bottle is 5ml more than is allowed. Now, this rule is about how much the the bottle holds and not how much is in the bottle. I was told I could leave the bottles and continue, or check my bag. I looked at the guy, and showed him my red and irritated acne. No dice. I asked nicely please just let me have my acne medicine. He didn’t budge

He said to me (no word of a lie) “We treat all potential terriorist the same, I cannot bend the rules for you

Ok then! When did 20 something Canadian white chick taking a 45 min flight domestically become a profile for a terrorist?? And exactly how does one make a bomb out of zit lotion?

I reluclantly checked my bag.proactiv

ACT 2, Scene 2 ::: Musical Airplanes

After finally getting through customs for the second time. (damn underwire, damn it all!) I got to my gate.

The lounge hostess, with the nasally “Fran Dresher” voice came over the PA and said our 6 o’clock flight was delayed to 7:30 pm. I called Colin to ask him to call his parents.

At about 6:30 Fran came onto the PA again, saying our flight was moved forward and we would be boarding now for a 7pm take off. I called Colin again.

We boarded the plane. Fran came onto the plane PA this time, and said we had jumped the gun. Our flight was delayed again, this time till 8:30. She suggested we file out of the plane because we would be more comfortable in the lounge. I called Colin.

8pm Fran makes yet another anouncement, till time to board us again. We get comfortable, and then the Captain comes on the plane PA. Says the weather is bad in Toronto and we are delayed from take off. This time 9:30pm. I called Colin and we got off the plane for the second time.

At 10:30 we finally boarded the plane, and Fran wished us a nice flight. We arrived in Toronto at 11:15pm. 4.5 hours later than expected. I could have drove.


ACT 2, Scene 3 ::: January Showers

The weather problems in Toronto were in reference to freezing rain and black ice. I knew the temperature must have dropped quickly as I watched tiny viens of ice form along the porthole windows on the plane. It always amazes me how a little bit of weather can close down Toronto. Anyone remember Mayor Mel calling in the guards?

Kate‘s shower was early Saturday morning. It was nice to see so many of the Hall ladies who I haven’t see in a dogs age. I got to see Cheryl who is just coming up to 4 months pregnant. A pleasant surprise for her and her husband.

She is very small framed, and because of that little baby is showing already. We were talking about how you can see baby already, and my mother in law says to Cheryl. “If you are that big now, you are going to be HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGE by the end”. If said comment had been made by anyone else, it might have been offensive. I’m so glad Cheryl knows better and can laugh it off.

Kate got some lovely gifts (there was this kick ass red vase from Grace!). Sadly Kate‘s Maid of Honour was absent, she hurt her ankle earlier that week. Get better soon Sarah

Cheryl and I stepped in to support Kate for the day. Kate’s mom was there on hand too.

The cake was lovely, and the quiche was good too. Something I should learn how to make.

ACT 2, Scene 4 ::: Dressed for the Occassion

I tried on my dress for alterations, I did it all up with my hat and everything. I’m looking forward to wearing my hat.

Colin likes the ‘whole package’ much better. He was starting not to like the hat, as I was wearing around the house (with jeans etc). I figured since I spent that much on the thing, I should try to get as much wear as possible.

ACT 2, Scene 5 ::: One Small Step

I went to visit Christine for a little bit, and hang out with Ryan. He can pull himself up and stand at the couch. He isn’t walking yet, but he is close.

I hope he isn’t walking too soon, next thing you know he’ll be walking out the door and dating girls!

ACT 2, Scene 6 ::: Something Smells Fishy ::: Can you do me a Favor

Kate met with her band and DJ in the afternoon.

We met up for dinner at Nikos Sushi in Oakville. After dinner I helped Kate put together all her favors for the wedding.

It was nice to get a chance to sit and talk to Kate. I don’t really know her at all. I hope we can become friends.

ACT 2, Scene 7 ::: Schooled

I went to the MGH in the morning, and caught their open Sunday School (as the hall is under renovations). The chap that was speaking used the word ‘Awesome’ 5 times. That’s awesome to me.

ACT 2, Scene 8 ::: Ladies (and gentlemen) who Lunch

I went to lunch at Cheryl’s place. It was nice to catch up. I had a chance to chat with all her family, and her new family to be. I wish Kristi much luck and success with her upcoming wedding. Her wedding is the weekend before Paul and Kate’s.

ACT 3, Scene 1 ::: Out On The Town

Colin and I drove down to Toronto for the Bachelorette Party, here are some of the pictures.




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27 02 2007

See Rehersal & Wedding pictures here: http://www.paulgraham.ca/gallery/album86

If you have any pictures you’d like added to the gallery, email them to me and I’ll add them for Paul & Kate.


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