Billy Has Got Some Talent!

12 02 2007

Last Monday night I had the honor of going to the Montreal Billy Talent concert – as a guest of the band.
As previously mentioned in a Monday Melee, Colin went to school with the bassist IAN D’SA.

Monday night’s show was awesome, it was amazing to see that many screaming teenagers for the guy who we used to go to Monaghan’s in Oakville with for ‘cheap wing night’

After the concert we met up with Ian and a few of the band members for drinks at a small pub downtown Montreal.

Its such a cool thing to ‘hang out with rock stars’ (hahahahhaah I can’t believe I actually admitted that) But in all seriousness, Ian has come a long way! And its just incredible to see how much further the band can go.

In fact last night I watch Much Music, and they were interviewing Ian’s mom (she was saying how the guys used to practice in her basement in Mississauga).


We got to go see Billy Talent in the summer as well, when they were a part of the VANS WARPED TOUR as well in the summer.


Thank you to Henry & Pascaline for arranging the tickets. Much appreciated!!!

Henry is the artist who did all the artwork for the album.


For the pure fact that the story amuses me, and its my blog, so please let me recount it again.
Ian and Colin graduted Sheridan College Classical Animation, both were up for the same job with Electronic Arts in England as a video game animator. Ian ended up turning it down saying that he wanted to concentrate on his band “Pez”. The recruiters for EA told Ian he was a fool for not taking the job. A few years later Pez, who became “Billy Talent”, were featured artists in one of EA’s biggest games “BurnOut”.

Colin and Ian also went to animation school with Henry (who did all the Billy Talent artwork), and with Geiger and Scott who also attended the show with us on Monday. Another big thank you to Henry for arranging everything.




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12 02 2007

I went to see the show too. I was supossed to have backstage passes but in the end didn’t get them. You are a very lucky person!

12 02 2007

Hey Louis, it was awesome eh!???

I have a few pictures of when everyone put on their lighters and cells phones. that was just great!

I am lucky. . . . .the guys are a good laugh!

13 03 2007
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