My Mary Poppins Carpet Bag ::: Lululemon

7 02 2007

My sister got me the Lululemon “Coach’s Gym Bag” for Christmas this year.

This bag has now become my faithful companion, its pretty much a bottomless cavern!

I have been using it as purse, a briefcase and luggage!

I’d recommend the bag to anyone who needs a ‘carry all’ bag! (I have the one below, but its black)
Lululemon Bag




4 responses

8 02 2007
Christine Hann

The bag is awesome! It would make a great purse/chic diaper bag too! I want to hit the store, I guess I better get a job! Apparently their motto is “No-one looks saggy in LuLu Lemon” just kidding, that’s what my instructor said.

9 02 2007
Christine Hann

I meant that as a general statment, not for you to use your bag as a diaper bag. It really is a nice bag!

9 02 2007

That bag is cool! Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog.

17 03 2007
Lululemon Fan

I have the U Motion Gym bag and have found it just as useful as you describe. I bring it to the gym but it easily converts to an overnight bag or whatever else I need it for. Black is also the all purpose best color!

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