Breast Buddies

6 02 2007

I surfed into SkyWindows, and saw that DutchKids had posted a “blogthings” quiz. . . .of course I had to know what celebrity has big wazzooos like me.

You might find this hard to believe but I was relieved that it was Anna Nicole. . . .needless to say I was worried it might come back Dolly Parton!

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Anna Nicole Smith

Who’s Your Celebrity Boob Twin?




5 responses

6 02 2007

Wow… You go Joey! I am jealous!!


A meager handful

7 02 2007

meager my hairy arse! sorry. my wife is too modest.

on a side note, i hope no one ever comes up with this quiz for guy’s . . . honestly, i don’t even want to know whose *cele-bratty package* most closely matches mine.

7 02 2007

I’d be curious how’d they come up with the questions. . . .the celebrity boob twin quiz was just your bra size. . . . .

would there be questions? such as Hood or Helmet?

8 02 2007
Christine Hann

Mine is Charlize Theron. I think most men would say their unit twin is Tommy Lee.

8 02 2007
RIP My Breast Buddy « miscellaneous musings & moggie mischief

[…] My Breast Buddy Just this week I did a quiz about my celebrity boob twin, and in a bizarre twist of fate my Boob Twin ANNA NICOLE SMITH passed away […]

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