Monday Melee (Feb 5 2007)

5 02 2007

monday melee

1. The Misanthtropic: Name something (about humanity) you absolutely hate.

 When skinny people say “Oh, I eat like a pig and never gain an ounce”
2. The Meretricious: Expose something or someone that’s phony, fraudulent or bogus.

 Bank of Montreal charges more than any other bank in Canada for service fees.  ScotiaBank and TD Canada Trust are the most economical banks for fees.  I’ve been getting screwed for years.

3. The Malcontent: Name something you’re unhappy with.

I want more recognition at work.
4. The Meritorious: Give someone credit for something and name it if you can.

Ian D’Sa. He is the bass player of the band “Billy Talent” and a friend of Colin’s.  He and Colin graduted Sheridan College Classical Animation, both were up for the same job with Electronic Arts in England as a video game animator.  Ian ended up turning it down saying that he wanted to concentrate on his band “Pez”.  The recruiters for EA told Ian he was a fool for not taking the job.  A few years later Pez, who became “Billy Talent”, were featured artists in one of EA’s biggest games “BurnOut”.  Congratulations Ian.  Be proud of sticking to your guns and reaching for the goal you wanted.  You’ve earned it. And good luck at your show tonight at Montreal’s biggest concert venue, The Bell Canada Center.

5. The Mirror: See something good about yourself and name it.

By nature I’m selfish, lately I’ve been trying to put others before myself. 
6. The Make-Believe: Name something you wish for.

To be able to sing well. . .




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