Where the Streets Have. . . Names

3 02 2007

Found this cool site.  You can make your own street signs.

moggie mews

Street Sign Generator 




3 responses

5 02 2007

That’s going to be a bookmark now for sure! It’s totally cool (although using that word makes be totally not) and I can think of a lot of ways to use it.

On our way home from a trip through Alberta, we took a highway we’d never taken before (we’ve travelled lots between there and Saskatchewan) and we came across a town where we had to slow down to residential speed. Darn it anyway if we didn’t drive right by a street sign that actually was my son’s name. It was the neatest coincidence ever. We had to stop and let him get out, took pictures of him standing next to the sign.

But this link… well now we can all have a sign too.. even if ours are fake!

Thanks Joey!

5 02 2007

I made a bunch of the signs for avatars . . . . like for MSN. . . .

Fracas, have you seen the ‘Church Sign Generator’??

5 02 2007

This is great! Thanks for the link. Off to make street signs…

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