Man Bites Dog: Breed Specific Legislation

30 01 2007

A good friend of mine, who is an animal lover and an owner of an American Pit Bull dog, wrote a real eye opener of an article about BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). Please take a moment to read it.  The original article can be found here: Source from the I HEART PAWS website.

Remember, there are no bad dogs – just bad dog owners!



MAN BITES DOG: Breed Specific Legislation: 

“An age is called Dark, not because the light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see it” – James MichenerBreed Specific Legislationa law, policy or ordinance that applies to a specific dog breed or breeds, but does not affect any others.The main goal of BSL is to completely eliminate the breed which is restricted by various means.

Genocide the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. –

Holocaust– any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life. –

Since mass communication and the media commenced, a number of dog breeds have suffered great popularity.An influential happening that causes the masses to seek a specific breed of dog.This could range from a motion picture (101 Dalmatians), a commercial (Bud Light’s Bull Terrier, Spuds McKenzie), a television show (“Eddie” Moose from ‘Frasier’), or even an unfortunate event (Diane Whipple being killed by two dogs of the Perro de Presa Canario breed).Suddenly the demand overpowers the supply causing commercial breeders (puppy mills), and backyard breeders to hastily mass produce puppies for profit. “Breeding for the worse of the breed”- this always results in a decrease of breed quality in regards to both health and temperament.

Unfortunately due to irresponsible owners and/or media hype, specific dog breeds have become victim to “stereotypical” beliefs.For example: certain breeds of dog are inherently dangerous.Throughout time various dogs have gotten reputations based on media coverage and irresponsible owners.Several various breeds have been labeled “dangerous” during its turn as a “fad breed” including Great Danes, Pit Bull’s, German Shepherd Dogs, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers and many more.

Below is an excerpt taken from the book “Cesar’s Way”- written by Cesar Millan, renowned canine behaviorist regarding interaction with dogs: (they must be viewed)

“First, as:

2.Species: dog (Canis familiaris)

Then, as

3. Breed (Chihuahua, Great Dane, collie, etc.)

And last and least important

4. Name (personality)”

As you can see, a dog regardless of breed is first an animal, secondly a dog and then a breed.If this chart were turned in comparison to humans we would first be animals, then (species) human, then race.Would it be fair to stereotype an entire race based on good or bad experiences with only a few?

“It is true that Pit Bulls grab and hold on. But what they most often grab and refuse to let go of is your heart, not your arm.”- Vicki Hearne

“The picture I was offered, of the man jogging innocently by and the two dogs attacking and killing “out of nowhere” and “for no reason” simply did not make sense.I also found myself worried silly, because I have always suspected that it is expensive getting a Dog Bites Man item on the desk of a major newscaster, and I wondered who had paid for the crisis… I also assumed that in Ohio someone was mounting a statewide pit bull ban… And so I heard Dan Rather reporting on what sounded like something out of a horror flick, and assumed that some senator in Ohio was using pit bulls as a campaign issue, and this proved to be the case.A few months after that broadcast, Ohio passed what must be a singularly unconstitutional law, declaring that any animal of the breed commonly known as pit bulldog was prima facie vicious for purposes of that law…- Vicki Hearne pg. 12 “Bandit: Dossier of a Dangerous Dog”

Addressing common Pit Bull myths:

Pit Bulls attack more people than any other breed:

Bite statistics are extremely difficult to obtain accurately. Dogs that are referred to as “Pit Bulls” in statistical reports are factually a broad variety of breeds and mixes all lumped together under the term “Pit Bull”. Additionally, many people have a complicated time properly identifying a true Pit Bull from countless other breeds and mixes.Within the statistics are high volumes of dogs that have been misidentified.

Taking these matters into account, the true numbers of attacks attributable to American Pit Bull Terriers are considerably lower than represented. It is also vital to understand that the extreme popularity of the Pit Bull and pit bull-type breeds plays a huge role. By many estimates, Pit Bull breeds and mixes represent the most popular of all dog breeds. It is only logical to understand that the breed with a higher volume in population would be represented with a higher volume of bites.

According to older statistical reports for the Center of Disease Control, one will see that trends in breed popularity reflect in the number of bites attributed to a specific breed during a specific period of time.

At the same time there is no statistical proof that more bites occur by Pit Bull breeds or mixes.Whereas there is proof that negative Pit Bull related incidents make the media headlines far more often than negative press of other breeds.

Pit Bulls brains swell/never stop growing:

“This rumor started with the Doberman, and has since been said about game-bred dogs in general. The concept of an animal’s brain swelling or growing too large and somehow causing the animal to “go crazy” is not based in truth in any way.

Their brains grow at the same rate as any other dog, and the only time that a Pit Bull’s brain is going to swell is if it receives a serious injury. If an animal’s brain were to grow too big for its head, the animal would die.” –

Dogs react in the moment by triggering previous training and experiences.There are always reasons for a dog’s behavior, and when aggression arises the reasons can be caused by improper handling or an unknowledgeable/irresponsible dog owner, lack of socialization or training, a misreading of dog behavior by the owner and physical or mental ailment in rare accounts. Point being, dogs don’t “snap”, and the dogs that will develop behavioral issues cannot be determined by breed.

Pit Bulls have “lock jaw”:

Pit Bull breeds were bred from several other breeds of dog, how can they suddenly develop a major evolutionary change such as this?There is no scientific proof that there has ever been a “locking mechanism” found in the jaw of any Pit Bull breed, or any dog for that matter.This is purely another scare tactic used to wrongfully instill fear into the public regarding Pit Bull breeds.

Pit Bulls are the guardian’s of drug dens:

One matter that I find disturbing is that Pit Bull breeds are believed by some to be the “guardian’s of drug dens”.Firstly, a true Pit Bull should not excel at being a guard dog.Pit Bull breeds are known for their welcoming personality towards all humans- even strangers, which in turn makes them terrible guard dogs.To standard, a Pit Bull would not only have to be poorly bred but intensely conditioned to show the aggression imagined in this stereotype.

Pit Bulls are bulletproof:

My response to this should simply be that Pit Bulls will be bulletproof when pigs fly.The only way a bullet will “bounce” off of any dog would be if they were wearing bulletproof attire. In short, Pit Bulls are NOT bulletproof. In fact a Pit Bulls skin is no tougher or less prone to injury than any other breed of dog.An American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog- they do not have super powers.

Pit Bulls are inherently vicious:

I hate to call anyone bluntly ignorant, yet in this case it applies. Anyone who states that “Pit Bull breeds are vicious” is purely ignorant on the matter at hand.Firstly, a breed of dog cannot be deemed vicious.This is what I like to call “breedism” and is comparable to racism against humans.Only specific dogs can be vicious, not breeds.Generally, dogs that become vicious are taught this behavior through nurture.
(Continued at Source . . . . Article)




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19 03 2007

i agree

19 03 2007

I’m certainly glad you agree. . . .

26 03 2007

do Chow Chow have a lock jaw

26 03 2007

Do Chow Chow have a lock jaw

27 03 2007


Thank you for stopping by. If you follow the link for the article to the source , its a pet forum and you can ask your question there!


7 10 2007
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Choosing a Dog

I agree totally!!
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there are no bad dogs!

17 04 2010

While doing a research for a project about dogs I found your blog. Thanks for the info

15 08 2010
bulldogs are awesome

you know This is very ironic. basically explains it all.

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