Good Clean Fun?

30 01 2007

Have you ever noticed that your final 10 minutes of sleep are the most comfortable and restful?

As usual my furry black and white alarm clock, more commonly known as Manny, woke me up at the usual time. 6:41am.

This morning’s wake up call was a stark constrast to the normal fluffy paws on my cheek,   a soggy and moist set of retractiles batted my face with urgency.

cat nose

I opened my eyes to be face to face with his wide emerald eyes.  A slight head tilt, and a mischeivious moggie grin said it was a look of satifaction across his mug, it was quickly evident he had gotten the reaction he was seeking.

“I’m up you little bugger” I said to him as I scooted him off the bed.

I dragged myself out of bed and into the bathroom, across the floor mats I could see wet little prints.  Manny had been playing in the shower . . . .

All three of my cats like water.  Aren’t they weird?




2 responses

30 01 2007

i once had a cat that liked to use the bathtub as a slide. he would hop up on the rim, run the length of the tub, then slide down into it by the drain. then he’d hop out and do it again.

if she was taking a bath, the little barstid wouldn’t hesitate to join my gf in the tub, but for whatever reason he hated the shower.

30 01 2007

I usually close the shower (we have a seperate shower)

Manny got himself a might dirty last week, so we gave him a bath, and since then he has been so attracted to water!

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