Blog Blotter

29 01 2007

I have this little notebook I carry in my purse, I call it my Blog Blotter. . . .

When an idea for a topic hits me, I write it down.  I’d hate to forget my ideas.

Its gently perched on my bedside table at night.  There are studies that show if you write your ideas down that you have during the night, you can relax and have a more restful sleep.

So for those of you that wonder how I ended up with such a random blog, there it is.  Its methodical in the sense that it is chronological in how the ideas came to be, and that might be the only bit of straight sense out of this whole mess.

Either way, I have fun blogging – and am glad when people stop by for a visit. (perhaps leave me a comment next time you drop by)

open book




One response

29 01 2007

Rock ON! What a fabulous idea. Thanks so much for the tip. I’m putting a notebook in my pocketbook as soon as I finish this comment. Yeeehaa!

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